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How to Survive a Relationship Breakup

How to Survive a Relationship BreakupA relationship breakup is probably one of the most difficult situations to go through, and it is even worse when the relationship was a long one. But there are ways to ease the pain of a bad relationship breakup and move on to happier times again.

We have all heard horror stories from friends who have gone through a bad relationship breakup. Although every breakup will produce some bad times, there are steps that can be taken to make the process of getting over a relationship breakup easier and quicker.

Following just a few simple steps can make your next relationship breakup a breeze.

Relationship Breakup Survival Step #1 – Take a relationship break

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The absolute last thing anyone should do after a relationship breakup is move on to a new relationship. One of the most important ways to survive a bad relationship breakup is to take a break from all romantic relationships. In fact, it is sometimes a good idea to take a short break from everything. Just back away from your friends (and even family if you can) and take a couple days of to decompress. Call it a relationship breakup retreat. You will come out of it feeling at least a little refreshed and ready to get on with your life.

Relationship Breakup Survival Step #2 – So break up already!

Nothing prolongs a relationship breakup more than repeatedly getting back together. Once you decide it’s time to breakup, commit to doing just that and break up already. That means no angry or tearful phone calls, no spying and no going out to places you know you will run into each other so you can have one more romp. You will never move past a bad relationship if you never let it go.

Relationship Breakup Survival Step #3 – Give yourself time to grieve

A relationship breakup is a death of sorts, and anyone who goes through it needs a little time to mourn their loss. This doesn’t mean you have to mope around sobbing for a week. It just means you have to allow yourself to experience the feelings that result from a bad breakup. Then comfort yourself and you will begin to heal.

Relationship Breakup Survival Step #4 – Start a new relationship

I know, three steps ago I said to stay away from new relationships. The relationship I am talking about here, however, is the most important one of your life, and it is with yourself. The time following a relationship breakup is a wonderful opportunity to become your own best friend. Find out your likes and dislikes, spend time with yourself and see how fabulous you really are.

Relationship Breakup Survival Step #5 – Have some fun

The best medicine for a relationship breakup is a little bit of good, old-fashioned fun. Do whatever you want, and the important word here is you. The weeks and months following a relationship breakup are a terrific time to enjoy yourself, pamper yourself, make yourself happy, and that means doing whatever it is you really want to do.

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