How Do You Know If Someone Loves You?

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8 Tips To Find The Perfect Partner

Life can become meaningful and a bed of roses if you have found the perfect partner to share your thoughts of happiness and challenges. Man is a social being and although we continue to meet other humans everyday, seldom do we find someone who share the same views as ours, on various topics. Interaction with a new person for a smaller duration of time can make you feel that you can be comfortable with him/her because you possess the same wavelength.

If your spouse is one who gives you space even though you both possess different characters, then you are  blessed as says the proverb “A perfect partner in life is someone you can be with and talk to about anything without realizing the day is over.”

Recognition/ realization of gestures, love signs, feelings, touch can go a long way in determining/distinguishing if someone likes you in their heart. Presentation of love and affection, though is different for many individuals and we have Handbooks for Knowledge on the Love Signs, there are simple, easy steps to locate the person who loves you.

If you have gut feeling about feelings of affection by a girl/woman you know and you inform to your best friends and they ask, “How do you know if someone you mention loves you?”, then you can answer them, if you have analysed the following facts:

Tip 1: Having A Conversation About The Future Together

Since the person has already decided that you are the perfect spouse material, every topic about the future would be discussed with you, being an integral part. The conversation will be full of words such as togetherness, commitment, loyalty, planning retirement age together, forecast of future family plans etc.

Tip2: True Appreciation

Being admired/ appreciated for a noble cause you completed or a new dress compliment in the right sense, devoid of show-off, should make you aware that the person loves you. You are anyway wise to distinguish a right, quality compliment from a wrong one.

Tip 3: Showing Feelings Of Love When Staying Far

Receiving daily texts, messages or emails from someone afar, who you doubt loves you can be an expression of affection. If you ‘are’ the person other than her family, to whom she wants to break all the good news, then go, take a nap, feeling as the ‘chosen one.’

Tip 4: Gives Importance To Your Opinion

If your opinion is accepted with a smile and positive attitude, be it negative or positive, then you can claim that you hold a valuable part of her life. Keep in mind, that grown-up individuals seldom ask opinions, unless it be a close family member or best friend or future spouse.

Tip 5: Accepting Your Mistakes, But Not Making An Issue

Nobody is perfect, but in the pathway of life, people find it better to interact/live with someone who they can share space with. If you are not treated as outcaste/sidelined, you have been accepted with your mistakes and not a perfect, idealized form of human being in their minds. The reason, love.

Staying in perfect tandem during mood swings of the other partner and giving space are the best answers of humanitarian love for the question “How to know if someone loves you?”. A survey has indicated, every part/habit/personality of a human being is seldom visible even during a long relationship. If your “special” person wants only the best for you, even in adverse times, you are on – Bingo!

Tip 6: Avid Listener and Proper response in conversations:

The ability to listen is regarded as a mark of respect given to the other person. Listening without interruptions will always give the other one a feeling of self-importance, dignity and value. Response at the right time, compromising with relevant words and not switching the subject, is an indirect way of conveying the message of love. She keeps in track every detail and can give you tips, in case you forget your past.

Tip 7: A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Everyone goes through the phase where in one has lot of friends, from both genders. But to pick the right person as your spouse, you need to be self-aware of yourself, observe and distinguish the right signs. There are friends for fun and there are true friends who stand with us when times are tough. If the ‘someone’ whom you suspect loves you, they will stay close to you and can be at your beck-and-call, in case of difficult times. They will stay close, take extra care, say words of encouragement and introduce you to their family. They will make life easier by supporting your goals and make you succeed in life. By this paragraph, I hope that you have got the answer for the question, “how do you know someone loves you?”.

Examples: She will be there to cheer you when you are playing football or defend your thesis in group discussions.

In this cut-throat world of competition, seldom do individuals pour their challenges of life before new persons, unless they are part of their family. If the person has tears welling up in her eyes while conversing about hard times, you have joined her family circle.

Tip 8: Body Language

If you meet elderly persons and request them to answer the topic, How do you know if someone loves you when you are young?” then they will definitely refer to the body language (verbal and non-verbal communication). They will educate you on the clues, gestures, eye movement and facial expressions.

Careful observation can solve many questions on love. If your girl tries to mimic you in certain actions, that is the sign she wants to connect to you and you are the focus-point. Other clue is maintaining eye contact during a joke in conversation.

These are some of the indicators which we have compiled to help you in your quest for true love. We expect that some of your valid doubts are clarified and we value your suggestions and feedback. Feel free to drop in your comments.

What To Note/Avoid:

Nature has always helped human beings in finding suitable business partners. Stories are galore with how men of valor have overcome great difficulties in marrying their loved ones. The challenge is how to find the perfect one who loves you.  If you have doubts that someone you know is in love with you, but has not expressed her feelings, you are in a tight spot. Asking a known one, a friend/acquaintance/relative, if they harbor feelings of love, also has its own share of setbacks as it has to be done perfectly. A negative answer/misunderstanding can put the whole relationship in jeopardy.

Steve Douglas: My name is Steve Douglas. I am 34 years old from California, US. I, just like millions of men had to go through a break up with my beloved girlfriend. But I was fortunate enough to get her back. After this experience I decided I will create a platform that will help men that are in the same situation as I once was. I hope you enjoy and share my thoughts and recommendations to learn how to get your ex girlfriend back.