Scam or Real Deal? Read our unbiased Linden Method Review

Scam or Real Deal - Read our unbiased Linden Method Review

In this Linden Method review we are going to be discussing one of the more popular natural solutions to a very serious yet not fully understood mental problem, namely, anxiety disorders. Included within the scope of this disorder are anxiety and panic attacks, OCD, Post Traumatic Stress, Post Natal Anxiety, phobias, and mild or severe depression.

The widely recognized and often implemented treatment for these mental problems is through “talking therapy”, in which the patient with the help of psychologists or psychiatrists undergoes a process of reliving the past in order to identify the event which triggered the anxiety disorder. Such a process would normally relieve the patient of the mental problem, but it is a treatment that is never permanent as many patients would have to regularly keep in touch with their psychologists and psychiatrists.

Then we heard about a method of treating anxiety disorders totally different from the traditional “talking therapy” and were excited to see if such a method could help millions of sufferers who day-by-day have to struggle hard maintaining a sense of normalcy in their lives. The treatment is called The Linden Method, a recovery program designed by Charles Linden, an ex-anxiety and agoraphobia sufferer. The program is a result of his long-time search for reliable treatment for his own anxiety problems by interviewing countless fellow sufferers, including those who have managed to recover from their own anxiety disorders. Along the way, he discovered a simple yet effective method that would soon lead to his total and permanent recovery and, some ten years later, similar recoveries for hundreds of thousands of anxiety and panic attacks sufferers.

How does The Linden Method differ from traditional methods?

Traditional methods generally believe that anxiety disorders are caused by chemical reactions that trigger anxiety. Therefore, some psychologists and psychiatrists prescribe medications in order to correct this “chemical imbalance.” They also believe that “talking therapy” is vital in the recovery process, and that revisiting the past would enable the patient to find a way to correct the mistakes. But often times, the effectiveness of this therapy is short-term, and the moment the patient misses on too many sessions, the panic attacks would come back or even worsen. Thinking that you would forever be relying on your “talking therapy” is not at all very helpful in the long run.

As opposed to the traditional methods, the Linden Method believes that the real culprit in anxiety disorders is a tiny organ located in the brain referred to as Amygdala. This organ is thought to be responsible for the processing of memory and emotional reactions. Normally, amygdala also plays a big part in learning process, by practicing something like reading, walking, or swimming, the organ enables the body to remember, which through repeated processes the person improves on the skill. In extreme cases, when there is danger or threat, the organ also activates appropriate anxiety levels in order to deal with the situation. The danger switch within the amygdala turns red which heightens anxiety which is necessary because there is an apparent threat. However, due to reasons quite unknown, this “switch” sometimes remains stuck in “on” mode, so the person will have episodes of panic attacks and anxiety even when there are no more dangers and threats. The Linden Method tries to reverse this abnormal effect in the amygdala so that the sufferer would have to get back his normal life.

The National Institute of Mental Health supports this same view. According to the institute, the Amygdala is indeed responsible for panic attacks and anxiety disorders. So far, at this point our researchers feel that Charles Linden may have had the scientific basis for his claims.

What will users get if they purchase the Linden Method program?

The whole program can either be delivered through mail or directly downloaded through its website. It consists of six audio CDs and a video. Aside from that, customers can also get in touch with several in-house counselors through email or phone, whenever they have trouble following the program. In case the customers feel that the program does not give them the relief they need, or if they see that it’s not working for them, Charles Linden is offering a 365-day money back guarantee. That is one full year of trying the product to see if could help or not.

According to their own website, their program has received favorable responses from its costumers, claiming that they were able to help more than a hundred thousand anxiety sufferers overcome their own mental struggles. Of course, we were skeptical and went to other sites looking for user feedbacks. In we’ve come across some user reviews and we found out that the program is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars by users who have tried it. Some even said that the book was helpful since there are not much medical jargon and the delivery was straight-forward and direct. And what’s more, the program doesn’t involve drugs or any medications. There were a few users who said that the program doesn’t teach something new and were quite useless for them, but because they were able to able of the refund, it wasn’t really a waste of money.

Linden Method Scam? Conclusion

The Linden Method might not be that cheap, at $87 for the download version and $177 for the printed version. However, based on the countless positive reviews from real users of this product, we feel that this treatment is no scam and in fact may be just what anxiety sufferers need as a long term solution to their anxiety problems. And with the generous money back guarantee of 1 full year, the buyer has a lot of time to decide if he wants a refund or wants to continue with the program. We hope this Linden Method review has helped you to understand more about the Linden Method and enabled you to make an informed decision about whether or not this program is worth investing in as part of your quest for permanent freedom from anxiety and panic attacks.

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