Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage

One thing to remember about marriage is that this person is not perfect. Whether it is sprinkling sugar all over the counter in the morning while trying to pour coffee or leaving the toothpaste on the sink and not cleaning it up. Leaving their clothes around the house or doing things that totally annoy you. Everyone has their faults. Putting up with some these annoyances at times can be trying but please remember that you do things that bugs your partner.

Making time for each other is very important in any relationship. One hour everyday doing things together with the person you love is not much to ask. If that person wants to do something that you don’t exactly enjoy, do it anyway! It makes your spouse happy. A happy spouse is a very loving spouse.

Try not to nag your spouse about things they procrastinate about. Taxes are one that we just finished. Our course I put it off to the last minute, but my husband went with me and finished it one day.

True Pheromones

Show your lover how much you love them. Massage and rub their back, rub and kiss their feet, if they are clean. Flowers, love letters, and jewelry are not just for special occasions either. Little things make the other partner know how much you love them. A candlelight dinner for two is special and romantic especially if you have been around the kids all day.
Take time for yourself, either by taking a bubble bath, reading a book or a nice long walk can improve your home life. Children, stress from your career can make you cranky, and hard to put up with.

One thing I don’t say to my spouse is “I told you so”. Don’t criticize when they make mistakes or try to tell them what to do. I know I can’t stand it when my spouse I told you so or why did you does that?

Communication is a great key to a loving marriage. When you have been married for 20 years and been around each other it gets hard to talk to each other. It can sometimes be rather boring to say the least when you are married for this many years and finding new things to talk about during the day. I love to hear three little words from my spouse, “I love you”, means a lot to me.

Sex, of course, is one most exciting things in your relationship. Spark, bubble baths, rubbing the back, cuddling on a cold winter’s day can bring back this spark. I read a sexy book a couple of weeks ago and brought back some new ideas into our relationship. It was a smut book to say the least. Granted I did not have an affair or try some of the things she did but I gained some insight into our relationship.

Try not to lose sight that when you first met him or she was one of the most important people in your life and your love will never die!

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