Does Medihoney Cure Cancer? – The Honey Compendium

Medihoney is a brand named very special honey derived from the pollen and nectar of Manuka honey which comes from New Zealand. Medicinal honey is really getting a name for itself now.

Its contents are very much based on Manuka honey; everyone who understands the medicinal benefits of honey knows this is an exceptional and natural healer for all types of wounds.

I have been very impressed whilst researching this remarkable product and have written my findings for you.

Does Medihoney Cure Cancer?

There have been frequent reports over the last few years with claims that this honey cures cancer. These claims are very mis-leading; however, there is strong scientific evidence that it is very useful in combating some of the symptoms derived from some cancers.

In particular it has been tried and tested very successfully on sores and wounds suffered by Leukaemia sufferers. Leukaemia is cancer of the blood.

Most people who have a sore or wound can be treated and their wound will heal successfully in a shorter time than those who suffer with Leukaemia. This honey provides fast healing for these Leukaemia victims.

How does Medihoney Work?

Leukaemia sufferers have a weakened immune systems and if a bacterium enters a wound on their skin it can cause blood poisoning which could in fact be fatal.

This honey can eat away at the bacteria entering this wound which in turn heals it rapidly stopping the infection in its tracks.

At Bonn University Children’s clinic, Germany, Dr Arne Simon and Dr Kai Sofka who work within the cancer ward and children’s clinic have been amazed at the success of the use of this honey.

In the above example it proves that although this honey does not cure cancer it has such powerful medicinal properties which are successful in treating some complications of cancer victims.

They have witnessed the reduction of foul odors omitted by wounds and the fast healing of skin tissues. There are now thankfully many other hospitals and clinics that now use this honey based on the research carried out.

In the above example it proves that although this honey does not cure cancer it has such powerful medicinal properties which are successful in treating some complications of cancer victims.

What else is Medihoney Good For?

Most doctors are now in agreement that honey will cure Helicobacter pylori which is a bacterium that causes stomach ulcers. There is a solid link between this bacterium and stomach cancer.

At the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel researchers proved that eating two to three ounces of honey each day for several months actually cured the toughest to treat stomach ulcer.

As honey is such an effective healer it stands to reason that eating Manuka honey could in fact stop stomach cancer from forming.

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Cancer is a dreadful disease, living healthy cancer free lives through eating healthy foods we can go a long way to avoid this.

Can Medihoney help Skin Cancer?

Skin cancers are most often formed by too much exposure to the suns burning rays. How many of us are there who have suffered the burning, tightness of the skin and the pain caused by sunburn?

We all know we should use a good protective barrier against these harmful rays and most of the time we do, however, with the best of intentions we can often be caught off guard when the weather takes a turn for the better and we have no such protection with us.

Honey and why not this honey, if applied liberally will heal our skin quickly and more than likely stop that cancer from forming. This is just one of the reasons we should keep a jar in our cupboards at home at all times, you just never know when you will need this!

A respected scientist with the Biomedical Research Foundation in Maastricht, The Netherlands, reviewed the effects of honey on burns and concluded:

Burns that are treated with honey heal more rapidly and effectively in a patient-friendly way, without complications, with little pain and relatively little scarring.

The honey treated burns enter their phase within six weeks which is unique and not seen with any other wound dressing. Yet another very good reason for having a supply of this honey.

It has also been used to treat diabetic foot ulcers. This has been successfully used on diabetics who have suffered these ulcers sometimes for years. Medihoney has worked where nothing else has.

Pretty good stuff don’t you agree. Is honey good for you? It is not only good for you; it is amazingly wonderful for you, for all of us.