Mountain Bikes: How to Choose

Mountain bikes are specifically designed to sustain on rough terrains and prove to be very versatile bicycles.  Besides using these bikes on mountains or technical trails, you can ride to local groceries, bike paths or even explore the world. You must be wondering how to select the best mountain bike for you. We are going to discuss the key points required to get the best mountain bike. The following three key factors play an important role in your buying decision:

  • Riding style: Your riding style significantly influences your options and narrows down the choice to most appropriate bikes as per your riding style. We will explain this factor, but you can also ride some bike trails to have an idea about the bike that will suit your riding style.
  • Budget: You can find many basic models with a price tag of approximately $500, but light and sturdy models with sophisticated components and full-suspension might cost you more than $3000, requiring you to select according to your needs and budget.
  • Test ride: Your riding experience is also very important for right selection.  Some models of your selected category might provide better riding experience.

Note: You can also consult the bike professionals at the local bike store as this article addresses only the basic criteria of bike selection.

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