Natural Male Enhancement Foods

Natural Male Enhancement Foods

The need that men have to feel adequate or surpass other men is a timeless issue that, despite serious and drastic procedures and toxins that are supposed to help, there has never been a real solution; or has there?

Perhaps, the answer to this age-old problem does not lie in the crazy drugs and procedures, but rather, in some of the most ordinary areas of every man’s life. Research shows that Omega3, berries, bananas, onions and wine are some of the best Natural Male Enhancement Foods For Harder Erections.


Anything that contains Omega3, such as salmon and tuna is a credit man’s enhancement because not only does it regulate the heart and blood-flow like bananas, but the good cholesterol found in this type of fatty fish is also great for increasing testosterone levels.


Berries are wonderful for a man’s overall health, but more than that, they are also a natural ward against Erectile Dysfunction by introducing anthocyanins, a form of antioxidant into the body. Anthocyanins are known to protect brain functions and keep the blood flowing smoothly, to prevent blockages.


Bananas are full vitamins and minerals that allow for a higher, naturally occurring, overall male health. These benefits include:

• The inclusion of potassium, which helps nerves to function at a regular pace, in addition to maintaining heartbeat and blood pressure.

• The presence of Vitamin B6, which assists the overall nutrients in the body to function at a higher level; and better performing nutrients, means better performance of every part of the body.

• The useful level of Dopamine, which is a natural aphrodisiac, in a way. In addition to enhancing a man’s sexual desire, Dopamine has also been proven to assist in the erection process directly, which aids the process along considerably.


Yes, onions. Despite the smell and the fact that they make everyone cry, which is usually not ideal when trying to produce a harder erection, the natural abilities of onions are quite a delicious turn-on. There are a multitude of different vitamins and minerals in onions that directly help blood-flow throughout the body, but one of the best things about it, which may be good for some men, is that it does not take a lot of onions to produce this desirable affect.

Red Wine

Red wine is not just great for setting the mood; it is also a large benefactor in maintaining a healthy blood-flow throughout the body by providing the body with anti-oxidants and a phytochemical called resveratrol, which is also known to help raise testosterone levels. Subsequently, it will also help to increase the performance of your erection.

Therefore, instead of possibly risking health and wellness by undergoing unnecessary surgery or introducing poisonous, possibly unknown toxins into your body, try the Natural Male Enhancement Foods For Harder Erections and enjoy a well-rounded benefit of health in the process. In addition to having the desired effect of a harder erection, by making these foods part of a balanced diet, the man will also find that they have more energy allowed to them in a day, which will help them to revel in these benefits to the fullest.

The Natural Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

It is true that every man always wants to be perfect when it comes to performance in between the sheets. In fact, men do not like a situation whereby they fail to satisfy their female partners. As such, they can do anything to restore their erectile function. But remember that some ways of curbing impotence like use of Viagra are way too dangerous. This is due to the severe side effects associated with these types of medications. For that reason, the safest way is to opt for the natural remedies. Explored in this article are some of the natural treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Firstly, you need to try L-arginine since it greatly helps in curbing impotence. This is an amino acid, which is naturally found in the body. It manufactures nitric oxide, which helps in relaxing blood vessels in order to support a firm erection. According to the research conducted in 1999 with 4 men suffering from erectile dysfunction, it was discovered that taking about 5 grams of L-arginine per day can improve your sexual performance.

Secondly, you may try Ginseng. This one is also referred to as herbal Viagra and is actually a root of a particular plant. The tree has to be grown for at least 5 years before its roots can be used. It is usually termed as red ginseng when the roots have been steamed and dried. According to the research conducted in 2008, this particular product was revealed as one of the most effective natural remedy erectile dysfunction.

Thirdly, drinking watermelon juice also helps combat impotence. A slice of watermelon can actually do more than just quenching your thirst. Cutrulline is the amino acid found in watermelons. It is said to improve blood flow to the male organ, which eventually necessitates stiff erection. In 2011, a study was conducted whereby some men suffering from erectile dysfunction were told to take citrulline supplement. The results showed an improvement with their erectile function.

Again, the natural hormone produced by the adrenal glands can be helpful in dealing with impotence. The hormone is known as DHEA. In fact, this hormone can be converted to both testosterone and estrogen. Physicians usually make the dietary supplement either from soy or wild yam. Studies have revealed that men with erection problems usually have low levels of DHEA. So, taking the supplement of this hormone can help improve your sexual performance in a great way.

Another natural treatment for erectile dysfunction is acupuncture. This is whereby needles are used to prick some parts of your body, especially the areas with blood veins. Studies show that if the body is pricked at certain points, the blood will be able to easily flow towards the penis. This means that the capillaries at the male organ will be filled with blood, hence necessitate a firm erection. This can work miracles if done properly. The above discussed natural erectile dysfunction treatments can perfectly curb this particular problem once and for all. But it is advisable to check with your doctor first before you try any of the treatment methods mentioned in this article. This is to find out which one is safe for you. A medical test is appropriate before you opt for any treatment for erectile dysfunction.