What do you need for Mountain Biking ?

What do you need for Mountain Biking ?

Mountain biking is the popular biking sport that riding bicycle off-road. For those veteran mountain bike rider, they have the a-z equipment and know the best routes for their skill level. What about the beginner who wants to get into the mountain biking sport ? What kind of mountain bicycle needed and what kind of outfit for your first ride ?

We will go through some of the basics to get you into the sport!

First, you definitely need a bicycle, a mountain bicycle. You can find some cheap deals online or visit to your local bike shop. You may get some advice from your local bike shop on a bike that fits your skill and suitable for junior rider like you or you may do research online. So what is the best bicycle for you to start ?

You may want to consider Hardtail Mountain Bike as your entry bicycle. This type of mountain bike has no suspension at rear and you will be able to handle more technical terrain with this bike compare to Rigid bicycle. It is lighter then entry level full suspension bikes but heavier than a rigid mountain bicycle. This is usually the mountain bicycle that we recommend to the new rider.

Rigid mountain bicycle has no suspension and it is lighter than the hardtail mountain bike, with lesser maintenance. It is a good bicycle type for learning purpose but you will suffer with your comfort and control on a rocky path.

The third type is the full suspension mountain bike, with suspension at both the front and rear fork. This improves comfort and aim for more technical terrain. However, it costs the most and it is the heaviest among the three.

It is ok to choose either one depends on your budget, it is totally up to your personal preference. Bicycle frame size is important while choosing the right bicycle, you may check out the space between the frame top and your crotch, makesure there is room there. You can tweak several parts of the bicycle to fit you better, just browse through the website for more outfit details.

Next, you need a helmet, as it can be a dangerous sport on a rough terrain. You need to choose the right size helmet that should be level on your head and fit snugly. Your vision should not be blocked and your ear is not covered by the helmet. The straps leading to your chin strap should go either side of your ears with the chin strap secured. Try out the helmet before you buy it.

You may consider to wear gloves to reduce ache caused by crashing and vibrations from the bike. Fingerless mitts is good for summer while you need a full gloves for winter. There are many brands with different levels of insulation and filling, choose the one that suit you.

While riding off-road and far from civilization, you need puncture repair tools for emergency purpose. You need a pump and puncture repair kit as the basic. You may consider a multi-tool to perform some basic trailside repairs. Check out the website for those equipment.

These are the basic for a new rider to start his journey. We will cover more on other kits that you may consider for a more comfortable ride. Stay tuned.