Your Nose Isn’t the Only Thing You Inherited From Your Father

Your Nose Isn’t the Only Thing You Inherited From Your Father

Most women are terrified of the idea that their men may cheat on them. And what’s more, those who have had the misfortune of having their husband or boyfriend stray will tell you that they didn’t really see it coming.

The reason is, men are – as a general rule – more preoccupied with sex than women are. Sure, there are plenty of women with a sex-drive comparable to a man’s; however, due to the fact that men produce ten times more testosterone than women, the result is a heightened libido.

A recent survey conducted by Women’s Health and Men’s Health magazines studied 2,000 men to determine some of their sexual secrets, some of which come as a surprise while others are to be expected.

For those women that think their man would never cheat, consider the fact that 23 percent of men have cheated on their significant other, while 31 percent said they would cheat if they could get away with it. That’s nearly one cheater in every four men. According to the research, 31 percent of unfaithful men cheat because they were bored in bed, while 24 percent stated that they no longer felt attracted to their partner.

Since men are becoming bored in bed, it is imperative that you women take the initiative. Try jumping him in the middle of the afternoon, or while he’s reading the newspaper. Try to instigate sex when he least expects it; this way you can keep your man guessing.

If you are lucky enough to have one of the faithful men, you’re not in the clear yet. According to the study, 45 percent of men think about other women during sex. The woman is usually someone they know, or a celebrity, pornstar or even your sister.

But this shouldn’t be seen as the end of the world; men are visual lovers. To keep him thinking of you, keep the lights on during sex or try a position that allows eye-contact. This way, you will keep your man engaged and focused on you as opposed to his secretary.

If you think you are giving your man enough sex, think again; that feat is nigh impossible. Even a man with the most active sexual life will still masturbate when he has the chance. 41 percent masturbate at least once a week, while 17 percent do it daily.

But, again, this is not necessarily a problem, especially if you have sex regularly. In fact, the more you have sex, the higher his libido, which will inevitably result in the need for masturbation. In effect, if your man is masturbating, then he is probably quite satisfied sexually. Good work!

And with masturbation comes the role of porn. According to WH and MH, 51 percent of men watch porn at least once a week. But, like masturbation, watching porn can be a benefit for your sex life. In these movies, the sex is often over-the-top which fills some of his more outrageous fantasies, some that maybe women are not willing to do.

As a result, men can fulfill these fantasies without a women’s involvement. Women, don’t worry about his porn; it’s normal. But, if you notice that he is watching porn daily, you may need to step in and do something about it!