Online Beach Dating Rules for Men and Women

When summer is looming large over you, it’s time for taking stock guys.


  • Gymming:
    You will be visiting the beach sooner or later now and this will require you to remove your shirt for saving yourself from making an impression that you are hiding something. Start visiting the gym well beforehand for getting your body sorted out, if you have a desire of enjoying the beach with girls. 3 months is a good enough time for developing a nicely shaped body. You will start feeling good about yourself by this.
  • Body Hair Removal:
    As we become older, the amount of body hair increases naturally. You should get this sorted out too. Having hair all over your back and shoulders is not going to do any good to you as this loses your attractive quotient in women’s eyes. Visit a waxing salon for getting this hair removed. Waxing process hurts but you are required to undergo this only once in every interval of six weeks. Girls frequently wax their legs. An area catering to waxing is often found in gyms. You can also seek your mother’s or sister’s help while using a waxing kit at home. Removing your body hair greatly increases your desirability quotient and you are just required to spend few minutes over it.
  • Tanning:
    Pale people may consider opting for about 3 tanning salon sessions. By undergoing few sessions at a tanning salon, your skin pigments will possibly become receptive towards rapid tanning too.

Now that you are completely primed for hitting the beach for the purpose of meeting some babes, keep the following things in mind:

  • You should believe that girls would want you to entertain them and stroll past them. Though laying for long stretches in sand is not inherently interesting but by pretending that you are enjoying the place while looking at the babes, you will certainly catch the eye of many.
  • Beaches are places of relaxing for half-dazed, half-asleep and half-hung-over people. Hence, you will have to do some work for making things happen. Ogling the babes on the beach while they would be bathing will certainly not be beneficial to your cause and anyways you don’t require this. Are you trying to say that you have never had a look at breasts before? Oh, come on!
  • You should understand that bikini-clad girls are there on the beach for displaying their body, or for having a tan, but, irrespective of these things, these girls are indeed attractive as well as attracting at the same time. Hence, instead of smiling, or leering, think about directly conversing with her. Instead of just saying “Hi”, think about chatting and making general conversation. You should also listen carefully to what she says for picking up clues regarding her interests and availability. Forget worrying about your tan or holding in your stomach as this may make you seem like an idiot.
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Now, it is action time. Spot a single and available girl, go over to her and begin a light conversation which includes good humor, for making her laugh, as well as intelligent observation for impressing her. Be charming and witty while chatting with your damsel as dynamic conversation is equally important as are your abs and pecks. Bring a glass of cold drink for her as well as her friend, if present. If they desire, invite them for joining your male friends. Keep the initial contact brief for stirring interest. Retreat for playing games letting her look on as well as discuss your potential among her friends, before eventually returning for a longer conversation. You may have just gotten your girl.