Online Dating – Why is She Not Responding to My Emails?

Trying to find a date on online dating sites?

Not getting the email respond you want?

If so, chances are – You are not sending the right message!

True Pheromones

And if you are thinking of sending more of those plain old e-mail will get you right – you are quite wrong!

Women in today society are quite busy. They have no time to read all emails sent by everyone through online dating sites.

And with all of the horror stories about meeting people on online dating sites there is no wonder a woman wants to be careful and pick only those that interest them.

So, here are some ways to make a woman interested enough to read your mails and learn more about you.

Online dating sites women are stupid

Sending out a lot of emails is not the answer. Sure, the more emails you send the better your chances of response, but you probably will not get quality responses.

Don’t ever mistake women for being stupid. They know when you are feeding them a line of bull. So if you do copy and paste – least change the content.  A woman can spot insincerity a mile away even through online dating sites.

Read Online Dating Profile

If you want to capture her attention you must send her an individual message that comes from the heart, not from the computer.

Read her online dating profile and mention something in her profile that you like.

Be specific!

If she thinks you have read her online dating profile and you are interested she will be more likely to respond.

Compliment her on something that attracts your attention. Don’t mention physical appearance. Find something that you have in common and start by letting her know that you are interested in the same thing. Tell her how you feel about your common interest and ask her to expound on her the way she feels.

Subject Line!

Remember, the first thing a woman sees in an email is your subject line.

Your subject line must capture her attention if you expect her to reply. If your subject line doesn’t capture her attention chances are she will not even open the email..

Make your subject line personal instead of generic

So if your ever think subject lines with “Hi”, “Nice to meet you”, “hey babe” is going to work – hard luck.

Act like you are talking to a friend. Give her just enough information to be curious enough to open your email. Mention a common interest in your subject line. This will tell her you have taken the time to read her profile and discover some of her preferences.

Light, Friendly, Challenging

Once you get her to reply your email you should keep your tone friendly, light and challenging.

Try and pick words or comments she replied and give her a little challenge in the funny way. Make a reason for her to reply your next mail.

Don’t immediately get into asking a lot of serious questions – it’s boring.

Discuss things you like in common, make it fun. Let her know that you are interested in getting to know more about her.

If you feel she’s the right for you, go ahead and ask her for her number after your third mail.