Top 10 Methods To Overcome Anxiety

Top 10 Methods To Overcome Anxiety

You often experience the feeling of getting into bed and hours pass and you’re still wide awake? Maybe its because you just can’t stop thinking about different things, the events of the days or the events that are yet to happen?

Perhaps one of your kids has had some trouble at school and you can’t stop worrying about it. Regardless of what the problem may be you are up in your bed trying to figure out a solution for every single problem that you may have.

While you’re thinking about solutions you may find that another couple of hours will have gone by. So you move onto worry about the fact that you’re just not going to get enough sleep and how you will be really tired the next day.

Trust me there isn’t at least one time where we have all been through that experience. But the thing is that you can literally overcome this issue if you just apply a few simple principles.

There are many hundreds of so called tactics that will help you overcome the anxiety that you feel but there are only a handful that will actually produce the results that you are looking for.

If you are serious and willing to implement a few unconventional tactics then believe me the results you achieve will be more than worth the initial effort that you exert.

Here are a handful of the best tactics you can start to apply today:

One: Keep doing the thing that you worry about again and again until you find it extremely boring. Say you were scared of riding the elevator then the best way to overcome that anxiety will be to just keep riding it until you are no longer afraid of it.

Of course the first few times you are going to feel really anxious but believe me eventually you are just not going to care.

So if you are worried about something just keep repeating that worry in your mind again and again until you realise how silly that thing is in the first place. Believe me this is one of the best tactics to stop being anxious about anything.

Two: Over exaggerate the worry. Stop trying to control all the things that you are worried about. Instead appreciate them for what they are and make the situation even worse in your mind.

A good example of this would be doing a presentation. If you are scared of going blank during one of your presentations then the best thing to do would be to stop and fumble about when your next presentation is due. Doing so will make you appreciate how meaningless the anxiety was.

You will notice that most people that were listening to your presentation just didn’t care.

Three: Avoid trying to control the crazy thoughts. There are times when a person over thinks something believing that they will end up doing something truly horrific. Perhaps you keep feeling that you are about to go insane.

But believe me this is just your imagination playing with you. You need not get all anxious about it but instead enjoy the thoughts that are being played out.

Four: Ignore False Alarms. You need to stop worrying about things that are extremely unlikely to happen. Your house is not going to burn down because you left the light switch on.

If you experience that your heart beat is getting faster then appreciate that this is just your body getting excited by something that you see.

A lot of the time when we feel anxious our different senses go overboard and result in us panicking for no reason. Know that there are always things going on but that you need not get over concerned by everything.

Five: Play the things that you are anxious about like a movie. If you detach yourself away from the issue you are concerned about then you can stop worrying about it.

A great way is to start playing your concerns in your mind like a feature length movie. However you imagine it make sure that you make it really silly and exaggerated. Be sure to see yourself at a distance watching the movie and laughing at your concerns!

Six: Set a specific time dedicated to worrying. The problem most people have is that they constantly worry about things the moment an issue arises in their life. But a better approach would be to actually write all your worries as they come into your life and only deal with them at a specific time that you set aside.

This way you will experience a relatively peaceful day and in most cases the things that you do worry about will not even matter when the time comes to attend to them.

Seven: Stop over thinking things that have already happened. Perhaps you’ve met up with somebody and the conversation didn’t go as well as you had hoped. Stop playing that same circumstance in your mind again and again wishing it could have been better.

Ultimately you can’t change anything that has happened already and so feeling anxious about it will not help you achieve anything important. Once you appreciate the fact that you can’t change the past then you will be able to enjoy the moment as it happens. Your anxiety will just disappear.

Eight: Breathe Deeply: The next time you are anxious actually pay attention to your body. You will probably notice that you are not breathing properly. Next time you feel anxious make sure that you take in deep breaths. This is a great way to really calm your nerves and get the situation into perspective.

Where is your breath now, and where is your mind? Bring them together. Listen to the movement of your breath. Does your mind wander somewhere else? Call it back.

Really try to pay attention to your body and mind, help them to get in sync with each other and fully experience the moment as it is.

Nine: Stop feeling like everything is an emergency. Trust me there is rarely a situation where you are going to have to act immediately.

Trust me my friend you will notice that whenever you feel panicky it is a moment that will soon enough pass. If you think about the problems that you face in the long term you will come to appreciate that nothing really matters in the long run. You will probably not care about them in a few short hours from now.

Ten: Never allow the things you are anxious about stop you from living life to the full. Most of the things you worry about just don’t matter and they should not stop you from doing the things that really mean something to you. A lot of the things you are anxious about right now will mean nothing to you in the long term so appreciate them for what they are and move on.

Follow these ten simple steps and pretty soon you will be the least anxious person you know.

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