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Platinum Jewelry

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that if you buy gold you can’t go wrong, but these are not the only valuable things that go into great jewelry.  One of the precious metals that can be used when making jewelry is platinum.  Platinum jewelry offers the wearer a unique piece that has a distinctive look.  The jewelry made out of platinum is not as common as other types, yet it still has a lot of beauty and value.

When you choose to use platinum to make jewelry, you are choosing a metal that has a light grey finish.  Platinum is much harder and denser than other types of precious metals.  It is considered to be more durable.  When you wear platinum jewelry, not everyone will recognize the metal and they might confuse it with stainless steel.  Although there might be a few similarities, there is no doubt that platinum jewelry has a distinctive look that is all its own.  It is easy for a good jeweler to make pieces that are great looking and that stand out in the crowd.

Types of Jewelry Made out of Platinum

Platinum is a very versatile precious metal when used for making jewelry.  Jewelry can be made only out of platinum or the piece can be adorned with other gems or metals.  One example of a platinum piece that includes other gems is platinum diamond earrings.  The beauty of diamonds is a great complement to the stunning look of the platinum setting.

Platinum wedding rings are also growing in popularity.  While gold wedding bands have always been the choice of most people, the idea of using platinum wedding bands is something that more people are considering.  The fact that the platinum is harder allows for very intricate designs that set these apart from the traditional wedding bands that are often used.  The platinum wedding band is a great way for a couple to cement the bonds and vows that they are taking.

In addition to earrings and wedding bands, platinum can be fashioned into almost any other type of jewelry that you want.  It can be fashioned into necklaces, bracelets or just about anything else that a person can think of.  One of the problems with platinum is that some people will have an allergic reaction to the precious metal.  If you notice that your skin is breaking out when you wear platinum jewelry it is a good idea to talk to a medical professional to see if there is something that you can use to help you.

Cost of Jewelry Made out of Platinum

When people talk about platinum they realize they are talking about a metal that can be very costly.  It is considered to be very rare and that means it commands a premium price.  It might surprise some people to find out that the cost of platinum per ounce is actually comparable to the cost of white gold per ounce.  That means that platinum jewelry might not be as expensive as you may think.  The cost of a piece of jewelry will depend on several different factors.

  • The amount of platinum in the piece of jewelry.  A small platinum ring might not have as much platinum as a large necklace does which means that it will cost less to make.
  • The type of design that is chosen will impact the price.  The more ornate and elaborate the design is, the longer it will take to craft which will make the price go higher.
  • The addition of other metals and gemstones will also be a factor in the cost.
  • Who makes the piece might have the biggest impact.  Some of the jewelry that is made out of platinum is hand crafted by artisans.  The pieces can be considered artwork and that means they can carry a premium price.  Other jewelry can be mass produced which will bring the cost of the jewelry down.

Where to Buy Jewelry Made of Platinum

As the idea of jewelry made out of platinum has become more popular the number of retailers that are selling it has also grown. There are a lot of outlets that you will find for this type of jewelry.  The first place that people will think of is platinum jewelers.  These specialty stores will often have the best selection, but they might also carry a premium price for their pieces.

Large department stores have become a popular place for many people to find the jewelry made out of platinum.  The pieces that these places offer are not usually handmade and often carry a much lower price tag.  The lower price does not mean that the quality of the pieces is any lower; it is more a reflection of these types of stores selling a higher volume of jewelry that helps keep the prices down.

For some people, shopping online is the best option.  Online retailers offer a much wider selection of jewelry than traditional retailers do.  It is possible to find pieces that are both mass produced and handmade.  The prices of the items online will often be lower due to the lower operating costs that online retailer have.  Whenever you buy something from an online retailer, you have to be careful and should use a retailer with a good reputation.  It is also a good idea to understand the return policy in case the piece is not what you expected.

Online auction sites are a way to get a great deal when buying jewelry. Individuals will often sell older pieces of jewelry that can be very valuable at great prices.  If you see something that you like on one of these sites, it is not a bad idea to bid on it.  Again, it is very important to be careful to make sure you get what you expect when using this method for buying jewelry.

Platinum jewelry will continue to grow in popularity.  When people see you wearing it, they will appreciate the way it looks and will want it for themselves.  Despite the increase in popularity, it is still something that will always stand out and will give you a look that others will admire.