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If you have made the decision to invest in platinum, you should be fairly happy.  Platinum and other precious metals have always been a popular way for people to invest their money.  Platinum has risen in value over time on a consistent basis.  There are very few risks that are associated with buying precious metals and you can usually get a good return on your investment when you make this choice.  It is important to understand the different terminology that is involved in investing in platinum before you start.  If you do not know what a troy ounce is or what platinum spot pricing is, you will be adding a lot of risk to your investment.

What is Spot Pricing

Spot pricing is the cost of any commodity at a particular point of time.  There is a lot of historical data that has been kept about the spot pricing of platinum.  If you research the trends of the price of platinum by looking at the spot pricing, it will help you make decisions about when to buy and when to sell.  It is also possible to find the spot price of platinum at any given time on the internet.

How to use Spot Pricing

There are many different ways to use spot pricing when investing in platinum.  The first way is to wait for the platinum cost per ounce to reach a certain level to decide when to buy and when to sell.  Many of the online platforms allow you to set alerts that will notify you by email or by text messaging when the spot price hits a specific number.  This will allow you to buy or sell at the right times without any delays.  Waiting to pull the trigger on a deal is one way to lose out on the money that you deserve.

Spot pricing can also be used to find out what kinds of trends occur in the platinum value per ounce.  Most people will notice that during the good economic times, the cost of platinum will rise more than other precious metals do.  During weak economic times or during a recession, the price of platinum will drop more than other precious metals. It is possible to look at historical data of spot prices over a short period of time or a long period of time.

Most people use platinum spot pricing for is the buying and selling of futures.  A future is a contract to be an amount of platinum from someone at a negotiated price at some point in the future.  Both the buyer and seller of the futures options are taking risks.  The seller of the option is hoping that the price of platinum will stay the same or not rise very much by the date of execution that is specified in the contract. The buyer of the option is hoping that the cost of platinum per gram will rise significantly by the date of execution of the contract so that it is much higher than the price that is negotiated.  When you invest in futures, sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose.  The more research you do, the better your chance of succeeding with this investment will be.

When you are buying futures in platinum, you do not have to wait until the date of execution for the contract to see if you have made money or not.  Over the life of the contract, the value of the contract will fluctuate with the cost of platinum per ounce.  If you can tell that the price of platinum will be much higher than has been negotiated in the contract when it the contract is done, it will have more value.  There are investors who buy and sell the contracts that other people have made.

Futures trading in platinum are much riskier than other investments in platinum.  There is a lot more fluctuation in the value of the contracts then there is in the value of platinum.  The length of time until the contract is executed; the current price of platinum and the market demand for the futures contract will all play a role in the value.  It is not the type of investment that should be taken by a person who is not familiar with it.

Who Should Not Worry About Spot Pricing

There are some people who are investing in platinum that do not have to worry about spot pricing in platinum.  When you buy platinum jewelry or platinum coins, you are usually making a long term investment and the value of the platinum at a specific time is not that important.  The only times you worry about the price of platinum is when you are first buying the jewelry or coins and when you are selling it.  Other than that, you do not need to make any hasty decisions and probably only need to know the price of platinum in general at any given time.  While it may not be that important to people who are investing this way, it can still be interesting to know how much that piece of jewelry that you are wearing is worth.  Once you do decide to sell, the buyer will base the price on the spot price of platinum at that time.

Now that you have learned some of the basics about platinum spot pricing, you can use it however you want.  It is something that can become an interesting topic at a party or it can be the tool you use to help you make the right investment choices.  This, of course, is not the only thing you will need to know about investing in platinum if you want to make money, but it is one of the best places to start.  In the end, the amount of money you make is determined by the price of platinum when you buy it or sell it and as long as you know how to figure that out, you are in a position to make a good choice and a successful investment.

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