Being Active And Eating Raw Food Means Better Sex

Being Active And Eating Raw Food Means Better Sex

I’ve recently read an article on male sexual dysfunction as it relates to their health.  Fact: one third of the male population suffer from some sort of sexually problem.  Based on this proven fact: I would claim a bigger statistic are all the unhappy females that are directly associated with this issue.  And that is an alarming number.

Research has proven that the one third of this population have a very inactive lifestyle and are very malnourished.  They do not receive their recommend daily intake of fruits and vegetables.  I will go as far as to state that the likely hood that a raw food eater falling in this statistic is extremely unlikely.  The main causes that pertain to this so called hitch are diseases caused by the food we consume and are stress levels.

Fact number two; research has shown and proven that men who are active, train for endurance and strength and enjoy a healthy diet full of greens and enzymes have a very active sexually lifestyle.  Here’s the kicker; although two-thirds of the male population enjoy a very healthy and active sexually appetite, the smaller population of guys who are living a raw food lifestyle not only last longer in bed and have increased amounts of stamina and energy, their pleasure receptors are also more heighten and activated.

And here’s why:

As a Raw Foodist myself; I have not only experienced the great benefits of healing within and living a long and happy life.  Because food doesn’t just kill disease, it prevents it.  This life style gives us greater energy to be active and play sports and hit the gym and feel stronger and better and have more vitality.  So it’s not insane to think that as a direct result our sex life is heighten to near levels of sexually bliss, awakenings and fantasies.

A direct link of poor diet and lifestyle choices is stress.  Stress is a sex killer.  Stress triggers our central nervous system which co-exists with our cardiovascular system and our muscular system which directly works with every bodily function.  It decreases the nerve signals that play major rolls in brain and endocrine gland reactions that are involved with the sexual process.  Stress lowers our libido and causes sperm production to decrease.

Stress and food are linked with each other.  Poor nutrition causes stress and stress causes poor nutrition.  This leads to very poor sexually performance.

Since transitioning into a Raw Foodist almost 3 years ago, I have never felt more balanced in my life in all phases.  This includes my stress levels, which have completely disappeared and my senses have heightened.  My sex lifestyle has gone from great to incredible.  And I have been training for over ten years.  I’m not insinuating anything about myself other then raw food is a great stress killer and healer; thus leading to more vest and desire.

Almost all raw food is an afrodisiac.  My curiosity led me to do a little more research on the greater foods that can be directly linked to stimulating our sexually buttons.  Here are some of the more notable ones:

-Maca. I think by now everyone knows this one. Maca works directly with the natural rhythms of the body.  Maca is one of the better foods to regulate the endocrine system; which produce hormones that transport to organs and tissues increasing energy and sexual development.  It’s high amounts of amino acids including arginine increases erectile tissue response and desire. Maca improves the libido and increase sperm production.

-Cacao.  Raw chocolate is even better the commercial made chocolate because the nutrients of cooking chocolate get destroyed and altered.  Raw chocolate contains PEA (Phenylenthylamine) an adrenal-related chemical that is presented in the brain and released when we are in love and in passion.  This chemical increases stamina and focus.  Theobromine found in the cacao beans is a stimulant that causes the brain to create a pleasurable effect.  Anandamide is also a chemical produced by the brain that is found in cacao and releases a natural feel good feeling through-out our bodies.

-Watermelon.  The amino acid citrulline acts as a natural nitric oxide producing increasing blood flow to your external sexual organ.

-Ginger.  Just one of the many things ginger is commonly used for.  It increase your heart contractions and blood flow to your buddy.

-Chile Peppers.  Peppers, are not only known for increasing your metabolism, they increase the chemical reaction that triggers your pleasure sensory making touch more sensitive and intense.

-Rosemary.  The compounds found in this herb increase reaction to skin touch making it more sensitive and more pleasurable.

– Zinc is crucial in the production of sperm and fluid.  Research has shown that zinc increases testosterone levels.  Foods include Spinach, Chocolate and Peanuts.

Raw foods are better quality

Most people have a very vague concept of raw. You hear it somewhere or read about and it comes across as another fade diet that consists of greens and seeds. In theory, Raw living is someone who consumes uncooked and unprocessed foods for greater health benefits. This is true and the simplest definition of it.If you get sick, you would see a doctor and that doctor would then prescribe you medication that they feel is best suited for your condition and in time you get better and feel back to normal. And then you get sick again and get better and sick again and so on. Its a vicious never ending cycle. Why don’t these doctors ever say, by adding these specific foods into your diet, such as dark greens and berries, you are likely to spend much less time in a hospital.

Ask yourself why you keep getting sick. Ask yourself what is it about the foods we consume that has anything to do with our getting sick or getting better. As cliche as this sounds, it really boils down to the “you are what you eat” philosophy, simply put; you eat sick food you get sick. You eat super healing powerful foods, you work and play and live life to the fullest. Medicine is not a solution. I’m sure for all the great politically minds that love providing us with long lasting health care for our hard earned dollar and keep the pharmaceutical companies in business, would love for us to think otherwise. But sadly it really is much more simple then that. The cure is ourselves. The body is a self healer. It has the immense capacity to heal itself. Provided, we give our body to fuel it needs to do so.

Society has a very narrow view of what health is and it doesn’t help that we are brain-washed through television and magazines with quick-fix solutions that come down to a something as simple as a magic pill or crash diets. People want fast results with minimal work, they will feed they’re body what they see and hear, not necessarily what is best and most effective. Not so simple. What you put in your body will have long-term effects that effects you not only physically but mentally and emotionally.


-Raw foods are better quality. The heat of cooking depletes vitamins, damages proteins and fats, and destroys enzymes that benefit digestion.