Riding Styles

Riding Styles

You must understand your requirements for a well-informed  buying decision and therefore, you must have sufficient exposure and experience in mountain bike riding. You must consider the following points to analyze your requirements:

  • What kind of trails or features of mountain biking inspire you?
  • Do you want to improve your skills and physical fitness on local tracks?
  • Are you physically fit and flexible to take the challenge of learning new skills?
  • Whether you are an experienced rider on roads desiring to hit the mountain trails?
  • What kind of mountain trails will thrill you, and what kind of technical trails is available in your locality?
  • Do you want a bike for family outings or enjoying the bike paths with your child towed with bike trailer?
  • Do you want to purchase a versatile bike that allows you the family fun as well as the challenges of technical mountain tracks?

The basic models are more than sufficient for your family outing needs.

A hardtail mountain bike.

However, if you desire to enjoy the thrills of speed and stunt, you will need sturdy bikes with sophisticated high-quality components. You will need a bike with hardtail or full-suspension if you are physically fit and fine to ride the rough terrain of the mountain trails that inspire you. And if you are suffering from any physical injury or back pain and desire a smooth ride, full-suspension becomes the most important aspect of your bike requirements.

The nature of technical trials also significantly influences your buying decision. Some bikes can provide better riding experience through steep, narrow and bumpy trails and so, you can consult experienced riders to find out the most appropriate bikes for your local tracks. The bikes with hardtail are better for riding through the trails with smooth as well as dirty pavements. However, you will definitely need bikes with hardtail 29er or full-suspension to ride through technical tracks with rough rides, small drops, rooty or rocky terrains.