Signs You’re Being A Needy Man

Let’s face it.

If you’re reading this article and you’re wondering “Am I being needy?” while thinking about your interactions with girls, you probably are. Otherwise you wouldn’t even ask this question.

You don’t have to be ashamed of it. It means you’re “normal”. You’re among the 97% of guys out there who are validation seekers – technical term for being needy – on the inside.

True Pheromones

But by reading this article you’ll get an advantage over every other men: you’ll be conscious of it and so you’ll be able to act on it.

So the first step is to admit that you’re indeed a validation seeker. Be aware of it so that you can fight it actively.

Examples Of Being Needy

When you meet a hot girl, do you start to stare at her, hoping for getting eye contact and maybe a smile?

Do you get nervous around her because mental scenarios of screwing up your chance or of saying something wrong get into your mind?

Do you call or msg her again a few times when she didn’t call you back?

Did you ask if the girl likes you?

Do you say sorry even if it’s not your fault?

Did you say yes to all their request?

Do you come over and linger in meaningless conversation with a hot woman for no apparent reason? Do you desperately look for cool or clever things to say?

Instead of kissing her directly you ask “Can I kiss you?” questions?

If she touches you, do you act weird like you are very uncomfortable with it?

Those are all signs that you’re a validation seeker.

I’ll outline a general principle.

In pickup or seduction, when you need or search for something on a “logical level”, you are less likely to find it. Why? Because then you are breaching the golden rule of pickup which is to appeal to a woman’s emotions, not to her logical mind.

Uncovering Validation Seeking Signs

Here are examples of questions that are unwise to ask to yourself while interacting with a girl:

1. How can I get with this one girl who reacts like xyz when I try to get with her?

2. What can I do in situations where a girl does xyz, to get her anyway?

3. How to avoid awkwardness and failure on meet ups?

4. The conversation is dying off. How can length it?

5. I feel like xyz around these hot girls now. I know I should feel more confident but how?

You’ll probably feel needier when such question is on your mind. These are question you should have prepared before you meet the girls.

Stop Being Needy

So that’s it! Whenever you wonder how to get a given outcome, you are being needy!

If so, try to think about something nice and positive instead!

Manage to fake being cool since you now know validation seeking is needy and repulsive. If you’re new to this, really try to be non-needy and not seek validation.

In the end, you must have a firm inner belief that girls generally like you. You must know that there will always be enough girls giving you attention. Getting girls should not be something you need to worry about.