Steer Clear Of Dating Dislikes

Dating dislikes are unique traits indeed. Something that turns on a person might become the thorn in the flesh for others. You have the choice to like or dislike the charming grin showing off the gold tooth or the nails painted in shoddy blue of your mate! However there are some common trends that run along all the dating experiences.

  • You guessed it right!- Hygiene is by far the topper in the chart of dating busters. It s one of the basic essentials often overlooked mostly by men. True to the adage of ‘first impression is the best impression’ (worn out due to overuse!) the imprints that you leave first are likely to remain forever. Do not leave any stone unturned; be trim and prim and be dressed in your best! A dab of deodorant and a thorough flossing might not just add dollops of confidence in you but also leaves a positive impression in your date.
  • Clothes come a close second in the lineup if dating dislikes. Shirt and trousers would be a sensible option rather than a stone wash on your much cherished first lunch out together, even if you are a cool lad who lives in jeans and tee 24 x7! Keep away those garish ones for the time being; settle for something good and comfortable. You don’t need to break your bank scouting for the pricey labels like Gucci though. Be yourself, never give an impression of an over made up puppet. For gals, a stylish outfit with specks of flamboyance would do the trick. The figure hugging tops and shorts are a strict NO at the first date; wrong dressing might send off wrong signals that might slam the brakes of your dating sojourn a tad too early!
  • Money has an important place in the dating dislikes list too. Appearing too cash flushed or pauper might ring the death knell of your dating spell. Try to find a midway in between the two extremes, guys. Keep those dollars and credit cards out of your dating talks as girls are easily put off by boasting. Try a moderate approach even while talking about your future ambitions, which might sound more sensible and sincere to your love bug bitten date. There is nothing wrong in nurturing the aspirations of owning a Lear jet but forcing down this idea down your date’s throat would be inviting trouble. Your date would be more interested in spending quality time with you rather than your stuffed wallet and even if you are a millionaire, keep it to yourselves till the ice breaking stage.
  • Lying to keep up the dates is yet another top dating dislike. Just to sound good and exciting, people tell lies and the bubble of this puffed up personality falls apart once their date discovers the truth. Honesty is the ultimate key to a successful relationship, so steer clear of even harmless little white lies, which might throw a spanner in the wheels of your relation. Lie at your own risk and if caught there is no chance of a come back!
  • A gloss of moonshine leads you to disaster in a dating affair. Though this may not appear as a serious matter in case of young college goers, it is indeed a concern in mature lovers. Many girls opine that Vodka was the villain in their affair. But why do people grab their drinks while on dating? It in all probability it should be tension; they take drinks as a shortcut to calm down. But if you end up in guzzling up too much, you would be making yourself a buffoon.