Steps To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – 7 Easy Tricks

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

The key steps to get your ex girlfriend back are not easy but I am not putting you down. Winning her heart again is possible and all you need is an open mind. I believe you know that the real situation in the world is far from what the fictional movies are trying to feed our minds. Your primary concern is to discover how to get your ex girlfriend back fast before any guy gets in the way. Everyone understands you but this fear may give you a lot of pressure right now.

There are many ways to get your ex girlfriend back and instead of stressing your mind, why not take time in analyzing? You may want to go outside and be drunk until you become totally wasted but you might want to think about it once more. What are the steps on how to get my ex girlfriend to want me back? Well, you just asked the right question because the following paragraphs are realistic but effective moves to win her heart once again.

Steps To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Step #1. Be Calm.

In every problem, there is always a solution and it includes a step-by-step procedure to plan. Before anything else, think about what you really want and conduct a self-assessment to figure out if you truly want to be with her.

It will be better to think first. You are emotionally hurt and shocked and she somehow stepped on your ego. Heart-wrecking, yes it is.

You need to cool down first. Make your brain calm because it is a very good way to start planning for the future. If you have already thought about it, and you think she’s really the girl you want to spend your life with, then start preparing your mind to a better “you.”

How To Get An Ex Gf Back Step #2. Get In Touch For The Last Time.

After you made up your mind, reach out once again and solve the problem because it’s your chance to apologize for everything, but don’t bring up arguments. Even if she broke up with you first, she might still be uncertain with her decision and would like to be chased. Some girls wouldn’t want you to let go of them easily because they would think that you’re taking them for granted.

Women also have an ego so swallow yours in the meantime if you want to succeed on the steps on how to get an ex gf back. Take it as your chance to analyze the things she had told you. Was she firm about the set-up she proposed? How did she look at you while talking or did she even want to have a conversation?

It may be too early to conclude but knowing the reactions, you may be able to figure out whether it’s still possible for reconciliation or not. But be careful, you might analyze things wrongly by being so emotional so always remember to be calm.

How To Make Your Ex Gf Want You Back Step #3. Accept And Give Her What She Wants.

If your ex is really certain about her decision, accept it. Be a man and don’t let this heartbreak convince her that she made the right choice. She wants space and time, right? Why not take this situation as your chance to think things over again?

Space is important as it gives the couple time to think about their relationship throughout the years. However, because they have lived it for a long time, they no longer try new things and it results to a relationship going on a cycle or in a routine basis. There are many steps to get your ex girlfriend back so there’s no need to blame anyone.

Giving your ex girlfriend a space is a clever method to make her want you back, or the famously known as the Reverse Psychology. This is difficult but you need discipline to do this to make her yearn for you. Your ex will definitely feel a little warned and may have second thoughts.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Step #4. Be A Man. Face Your Problems.

There’s nothing wrong with crying, but don’t be a crybaby. It’ll help you release all the negative emotions you feel. Release, then take in positive vibes by talking to your friends or family about it.

Try to appreciate things in life as well, even the smallest ones. Be thankful that you’re still alive and nothing worse happened to you. Be positive and look at the brighter side to express and practice gratitude.

Isn’t it a good thing to figure out your flaws so both can have their self-growth? And aren’t you happy that it’s not you but your girlfriend who took all the risk and consequences of her actions? There are so many positive sides of breakups so learn how to appreciate.

Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Step #5. Be Open-Minded.

It all starts in the mind. Avoid expectations because you might be disappointed. Open-mindedness is one of the ways to get your ex girlfriend back.

Making yourself available also means to be open to all possibilities. Try dating new girls but put limitation and don’t overdo it. Your ex girlfriend might think that you’re already over with her and it’s a sign to forget you. You don’t wanna play games again with the woman you truly love, do you?

What To Do To Get Your Ex Gf Back Step #6. Explore The World.

One of the steps on how to get an ex gf back is to prove that you can always be a better person. When you have already opened your mind, you can make your ex girlfriend want you back.

Why not try to cope up with your old friends and make new ones? It’s about time to enjoy the things life can offer. Go out, throw a party, and try new experiences with them.

Why not go for a mountain climbing, zip lining or sky diving? These activities are pretty extreme but spice up our lives. Challenge yourself and do legal things that you have never tried before when you were together.

How To Get My Ex Girlfriend To Want Me Back Step #7. Regain Yourself.

One of the steps I considered to get my ex girlfriend to want me back was regaining myself. It still depends on you in the end, dude. Recreate yourself to become the person you have never imagined.

To get your ex girlfriend back, it is imperative to have a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and chocolates. Burn it by working out, lifting some weights in the gym weekly so you can be more in shape and healthy. This will make her realize that she lost big time.

Aside from its physical benefits, exercising also helps release hormones in our body which can enlighten and energize our mood. These are endorphins, serotonin and dopamine which give pleasure and block the feeling of pain. The next time your ex girlfriend sees you, she would think that you’ve grown up so well and become mature.


The steps mentioned above are guidelines to help and remind you about making up with your ex gf. To be honest, there are no techniques on how to get your ex girlfriend back fast because reconciliation takes time and should not be rushed. The time you are apart from each other is the chance to clear up your minds whether the relationship is still healthy or you’re better off without it.

Steve Douglas: My name is Steve Douglas. I am 34 years old from California, US. I, just like millions of men had to go through a break up with my beloved girlfriend. But I was fortunate enough to get her back. After this experience I decided I will create a platform that will help men that are in the same situation as I once was. I hope you enjoy and share my thoughts and recommendations to learn how to get your ex girlfriend back.