Strawberry Tree Honey

Strawberry Tree Honey – The Honey Compendium

A Unique Taste of Honey

Strawberry tree honey, what a great name and a taste of honey packed with antioxidants and healing properties. This is one of those honeys you really have to try.

What does this Honey Taste Like?

It never ceases to amaze me that each honey we buy and taste, although mainly sweet, also has their own unique flavor which at times can be surprising.

Strawberry tree honey is quite “herby” can be quite pungent, smoky and also bitter at times which rather knocks the theory that honey is always sweet! It doesn’t as the name suggests taste like strawberries.

It is enjoyed and sought after by artisanal honey connoisseurs because of its rarity but that by no means you shouldn’t enjoy a taste yourself. I actually am on a mission to taste as many honeys as I possibly can.

What does Strawberry Tree Honey Look Like?

We always associate honey with the color of gold or amber so it comes as a bit of a surprise to know this honey can differ in color from clear amber to an almost grey.

Grey honey doesn’t sound particularly appetizing but hidden inside this special honey are a huge amount of natural healing qualities.

It does start as a runny honey but tends to slowly crystallize over a period of time, anything up to a year!

What is the Antioxidant Content of Strawberry Tree Honey?

All kinds of honey have antioxidants, this is just one reason we can enjoy the benefits of honey. However, there have been extensive tests performed on Strawberry tree honey.

This next link will take you to another website which explains in “scientific detail” the impressive antioxidant profile of this very rare honey.

What are the Health Benefits of this Honey?

It has high antioxidant content; antioxidants are found in many food sources and are extremely important to us when it comes to maintaining good health.

It has been traditionally used to relieve cough and bronchial infections, improve blood circulation and also has a reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac.

This honey is highly recommended for all the benefits of eating honey plus the wonderful benefits of medicinal honey.

What Makes Strawberry Honey so Rare?

This honey is generally harvested in autumn months, a late honey and one that our honey bees will need plenty of to keep them alive during the winter months.

The bees will start the collection of their nectar during late summer; however there are at times very cold weather conditions and also heavy rain and storms that can severely affect the ability of bees to do this.

When the weather conditions are right the Strawberry tree bursts into bloom with beautiful with flowers blossoms which from a distance do strongly resemble a strawberry.

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Where Does Strawberry Tree Honey Plant Come From?

Most people associate this plant with Italy or Sardinia; however it is popular in Britain and could actually be grown anywhere with the right soil and weather conditions.

How to Use Your Strawberry Tree Honey

Believe it or not this honey because of its smoky and bitter taste is very popular with cheese! Not just any old cheese, Pecorino, Ricotta and soft creamy cheeses are wonderful accompaniments.

Impress your guests at your next dinner party by placing a bowl of this honey on your cheeses board. They will be surprised but pleasantly so. It is also popular with cold meats and savory honey recipes.

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