Ten Tips On How to End a Relationship Without Ruining Your Life

Dealing with anger in relationships – Facts men often ignore

Anyone who has ever had to learn how to end a relationship knows that it can be an extremely difficult thing to do. It’s even harder to learn how to end a relationship without damaging yourself in the process. Well, we have put together a few tips to show you how to end a relationship without ruining your life.

How to End a Relationship Tip #1 – Be Sure You Want It

Make sure you really want this relationship to be over before you take action. And never end a relationship as a threat during a fight with the intention of getting back together in the morning.

How to End a Relationship Tip #2 – Don’t Be Hasty

Take some time, think about the situation and make sure ending the relationship is the right thing to do. It is rarely wise to hastily decide to end a relationship.

How to End a Relationship Tip #3 – Don’t Be Angry

Always think about the circumstances calmly and make a rational decision before you end a relationship. Breaking up is a major life change, and you should never make life- changing decisions during a time of high emotion, like anger, hurt or sadness.

How to End a Relationship Tip #4 – Be Fair

No matter what the reason for a breakup, don’t be spiteful when you finally end it. Use appropriate timing and civil language, and the result will be easier for both parties.

How to End a Relationship Tip #5 – Do It Live

It is really awful to break up over the phone; even worse on e-mail or in a note (a Post- It, for example). If at all possible, end a relationship in person.

How to End a Relationship Tip #6 – Stick to your Guns

Don’t waiver. Once you make the decision, stay the course and follow through with ending the relationship.

How to End a Relationship Tip #7 – Be Prepared

Ending a relationship is not easy, so be ready to handle any emotional outbursts and even the possibility of a personal attack. Be as helpful and kind as possible, but always remove yourself from the situation if it gets too heated.

How to End a Relationship Tip #8 – No Mudslinging

Don’t be a jerk when you end a relationship. Rejection is bad enough without a dose of verbal abuse to go along with it. Regardless of the circumstances, don’t yell, curse or commence with mudslinging at any point in the breakup session.

How to End a Relationship Tip #9 – Establish Future Boundaries

Many of us have ridden the on-again, off-again relationship roller coaster. If you are going to end a relationship, then end it, and set boundaries for what types of contact and communication will be acceptable in the future.

How to End a Relationship Tip #10 – Don’t Look Back

Once the relationship is over, take steps to move on with your life. You will never break free if you don’t cut ties and move on. So end the relationship and don’t look back!

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