The Exclusive Art of Dating For Men

You have dated hundreds of girls and won’t mind adding some more to your list, or are you the loner who has never been successful with women? Whatever the condition, there are certain etiquettes to follow when you date a woman. Before plunging into the dense foliage of the dating garden, be sure to follow common dating rules to score a margin over others.

Online Dating Tips for Men

Some rules are meant for breaking, but not these. They are meant to protect you from an emotional distress and helping you to achieve all-round success in dating. Women are superior companions in respect to dating warfare. Their emotional and physical levels are unmatched by any male counterpart. But don’t let that truth dishearten you in any way, as for many; the battle has just begun.

  • Art of Dressing: Now the art of dressing right is very essential, when you are about to meet your first date. Get into some decent clothing and other accessories like shoes. Women tend to look down (relax) at your shoes and if it’s some old-well-worn shabby shoes then you have lost it before you’ve even begun. Change your whole wardrobe if money permits, and do buy yourself a good suit, you never know, when you may need it.
  • Be Hygienic: Have a stylish haircut, even with sparse hair do the needful like a visit to the barber. Buy that exquisite cologne talc and if possible a grooming kit. It might drill a hole in your pocket, but never mind, men are always disapproved for their bad smell, and this shouldn’t happen to you. Be regular about maintaining hygiene, women just love good smelling men.
  • A Good Job: Women don’t appreciate vagabonds. They will fall for a man who is ambitious and is career-oriented. So a having a job is much better than being jobless. Try to show that you are into a flourishing career or hope to join the band of successful career men. Sudden queries about your future plans shouldn’t throw you off-balance. Be prepared for this and be wise in answering them.
  • Be Knowledgeable: Be sure that you are aware of all the current happenings and news about the country and the world in general. Women do not like stupid men, nor do they like a man who is ignorant of current affairs. Have a flair for traveling and seeing the outer world. Women are travel freaks; they love to explore new territories and avenues. Vacationing will be a necessary part, if your date is successful.
  • Avoid Boozing: I know that’s difficult, but cut down on drinks as much as you can. I know many females, who look out for teetotalers, before thinking of dating. If you are a compulsive 5-day a week drinker, then its better to cut down the habit. This will never get you nearer to any female. Have your priorities sorted out. Taking your date for a casual drink is ok, but don’t give them an impression that the bar is your mini-home. That will make them disappear like a genie.

Hope this article is an eye-opener for all losers and an interesting lesson for the first-timers in the exclusive world of dating. Dating is a unique art aimed at winning hearts. Let it remain that way. Modern dating is prone with many unhappy incidents and tragedies rather than being a fun-filled episode. Try not be included in that list. Rest assured you will soon have your ladylove eating out of your hands.