The Herculean Task of Spotting A Date

Dating Basics: The Herculean Task of Spotting A Date!

Modern life and its ever changing equations have made the career oriented women non committal to anyone. They fear that commitment is nothing but compromise and women find it difficult to find a mate who matches up with their criteria of an ideal mate. Men never had this problem though they sometimes complain that there is a dearth of eligible women in the society these days.

There are scores of young and eligible single men with good career and lifestyle, in search of a suitable life partner and the main reason for their bachelor status is nothing but the lack of commitment from the women, who would opt for a casual fling if given a choice. whenever things heat up in a serious relationship it was the women who always took the lead to wriggle out of the affair.

It is going to trigger a new social problem where hundreds of eligible bachelors wait in their wings to spot partners. So, what could be wrong? Well, there was a spectacular rise in women’s income and more women have come to the realm of career, which made them self reliant. Women prefer to put off marriage and pregnancy to the latter half of their life and women have increased their realm of activity by leaving their imprints in almost all segments. And what is the status of men? They are on the recoil as they are becoming unsure of their new role in the changing times. At least this has been the pattern in the fast developing cities though the situation might not be this alarming in smaller communities.

True Pheromones

Marriage has become a forbidden topic for many women as they tag it along with unjust compromises and one side adjustments and many women are more than willing to wait till their thirties to tie the knot. Women give more emphasis on career progression and self contentment rather than setting up a family and have become increasingly choosy as far as selecting the life partner is concerned. Whereas men seem to have run out of all options and all he can do now is to tow her line or ship out. Many career women would not compromise their job for marriage and men is forced to come in terms with the fact that he does not remain the principal bread winner anymore ; in the days to come he may be forced to beat a retreat to indoor, looking after the home and kids.

The robust male is definitely in a dilemma on how to pick up his acts together. While women’s lives have evolved to be more vibrant men failed to catch up with the pace, which translates to the revolutionary rise of the Laddish culture brought alive in the pages of magazines such as Loaded and various TV channels, where modern man fails to relate to his identity in a relationship.

Even the dating equations of women have undergone a sea change all these days and now if the man fails to rise up to your expectations, she might dump home right away without batting an eyelid. Women consider men as someone who thrives on her emotional and financial riches. Women have started to voice their opinions on sexual matters, which brings the story to a full circle. Men have lost his last bastion of sexual expression as well, leaving him in the lurch as never before.

However dynamic modern women become, the biological equations remain the same. But these days women are only happy to postpone their motherhood indefinitely and do not consider marriage as a pathway to motherhood. The bottom line being while women became more dynamic in their activities men have missed their bus.