Top Alternative Skateboard Options

Top Alternative Skateboard Options

Here are some of the top new and original alternative skateboards out there, most of which are so different in what they offer that they are only considered skateboards in name, rather than in form. Skateboarding has taken on many different forms through the year, as shown by these examples of modern alternative skateboards that are popular on the market today.

1 – Loaded Vanguard Carver.

Available from . Some of the most innovative carving skateboards come from Loaded, and Loaded also makes snowboards as well. The decks and trucks are engineered together in a way that allows them to compliment one another, forming a unique and effective carving board. The Loaded Vanguard Carver, for example, is designed in a way that it can be a balanced all around carver skateboard, allowing it to be good at tackling most if not all of the things that you would like to ride. It is a pure carving machine, more so than a skateboard or a long board.

2 – Arbor Pocket Rocket.

The Arbor Pocket Rocket Mini offers many of the same features as an Arbor long board, but it is built to standard skateboard scale. The result is a crazy little skateboard that offers a super smooth ride, carves like no other board can, and that makes barely any sound as it rolls along. Getting tricks done with the Arbor Pocket Rocket mini can be a little difficult, but not outright impossible for you to accomplish. The Arbor Pocket Rocket Mini skate board is a brilliant mix of skateboard and long board, and this board certainly rides well.

3 – Streetboards.

Available at Streetboards are a lot like skateboards, but there are two points of flex where the nose and the tail of the board are allowed to pivot. On many streetboards, though not all of them, your feet are actually strapped in which gives you the capability to perform excellent tricks. The flexibility of the board allows you to maneuver in ways that are considered to be impossible when it comes to regular skateboards. Streetboard standards are managed by the World Streetboard Association or WSA.

4 – Flowboards.

Made by Flowlabs. These boards are made from Flowlabs and have crazy DCS trucks with as many as 7 wheels. The result is a board that rolls much in the same way that a skateboard was, but also moves fluidly like a snowboard and also allows for much deeper carves than anything else that you will likely find on the market. Flowboards are especially popular for snowboarders looking to train in the summer months, but they are also widely popular for skateboarders looking for a completely unique experience all year round.

5 – Stowboards.

Available through The stowboard is a board that is about as long as an ordinary skateboard is, but it also folds up into a nice little block that you can easily shove into your locker, your backpack, under your bed or just about anywhere else. The Stowboard rides smoothly, it steers well, and it pretty much has what is considered to be the best possible balance of flexibility and strength out there.