Top Ten Safe Dating Tips

Are you a green horn in the colorful and mystifying world of dating? Then a few dating tips would take you a long way through the crests and troughs of dating! None of us are born with a cupid’s arrow in tow and there are no instant formulas or sure fire shortcuts for successful dating. If you thought a stunning look would draw a big flock of suitors, you should hold your thoughts, because dating is not ramp walking where looks might matter! Legend tells us that most of the good looking celebrities and movie icons were not very good in their romantic lives!

The bottom line reads that there are no gimmicks or magic spells to trap your dream partner in a magical web! However tagging along a few useful tips would definitely help you to stay clear of the stumbling blocks in the paths of courtship.

The Top 10 dating tips!

  • Be serious and sincere: If you are mentally prepared for dating and have a fair idea of your prospective partner, it’s time to get into the thick of action. Do your ground work and be ready for a firm commitment. Remember that dating is not all about roses and gifts; be prepared to take some setbacks also in your stride as you move along.
  • Pull up a surprise act . Do not leave anything to chance; be your best. An early morning workout, health tips or dieting are great ideas. Vie for a new sport look; flaunt a chic haircut or a complete makeover, which would work magic. This would add dollops of charm to your personality and self confidence to your profile, even if it does not come up with a date!
  • Vie for a wonderful wardrobe : Piping hot clothes and trendy design would add oodles of charisma to your otherwise dreary wardrobe. Sport a new look, which pops you right into cloud 9. Do not overdo the act to end up like an over made up plastic doll but try to accentuate your traits and don a prim look.
  • Time your dating: Phase your dating as per your marriage plans. In case you are a somber personality who does not believe in serious dating, you should ask yourselves then why are you here on this a dating platform? If it is for sex, then be open about it with your partner.
  • Be confident: Try to be positive and cool headed; never stray from your goal and stay at a safe distance from your married friends who carry a bundle of woes. Always cherry pick the right social functions.
  • Be realistic : Real life and reel life are as different as chalk and cheese! Never be overambitious about the glamour quotient of the partner, be level headed about your chances.
  • Keep the mystery alive : By making yourselves always available, you would be sending wrong signals. Specks of mystery would only add allure to your romance. It is sensible to avoid sleeping with your dates early on; the longer the person is made to run after you the greater would be the charm of your romance.
  • Be sociable: You might spot your date right in your neighborhood itself, so be open about joining clubs or societies where you might come across many interesting dates instead of remaining cocooned indoors!
  • Retreat to relax: Continuous dating might be stressful so recharge your batteries by taking short spells of break in between, as parting would only fuel passion and longing.

Enjoy dating: Take pleasure in meeting new people and making new friends and as you move along you are sure to find your soul mate.

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