Types of Mountain Bikes

Types of Mountain Bikes

There are numerous verities and models that are advertised by using specific terms. Your understanding about the terms that describe features of bikes will allow you to make a well-informed mountain-bike  buying decision.  Diamondback, Cannondale, Marin, Novara, GT, Raleigh and Scott are some of the leading brands of mountain bikes. You will encounter the following terms while exploring the features of mountain bikes:

Trail: You will find that most of the bikes at REI are classified as trail bikes. Trail bikes either have hardtail or complete suspension to support general purpose riding right from single track trails to rough dirt roads. In fact, mountain bikers can be described as trail riders.

All Mountain: The all-mountain  bikes feature full-suspension with sturdy components to support general purpose riding experience like trail bikes. However, they are better equipped to sustain the challenges of technical trails with small jumps, rocky terrains and steep descents.

Cross Country: These bikes are designed for speed enthusiasts and support better control while ascending and tight cornering. Obviously, the bikes are manufactured using lighter components. They are unsuitable  for rough riding or higher jumps but offer the best performance during competitive events.

Free Ride and Downhill: These bikes are specifically designed to absorb the bumps of rough and rocky terrain while descending downhill. The vehicle or a ski-resort chairlift prefer these bikes to provide the thrills of descent to tourists and local visitors. They are not good enough to provide enjoyable uphill riding experience.

Dirt Jump: These bikes are specifically designed to support the aerial stunts. Mostly, the youths love these bikes (or those who still feel young by heart) and can be seen performing various stunts at designated bike parks.

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