How Can I Get Back Together With My Ex Girlfriend

Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – A Real Story

This is a real story about how a buddy of mine, Mike, got his ex-girlfriend back. Mike had dated off and on but when he met Melissa he was hard core for her. She broke it off and he completely wanted to get Melissa his ex girlfriend back. Mike was a big lug head in the Marines. He was a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and he knew from his military training that he should structure an offensive plan to get an ex girlfriend back. Just like carrying out a mission in the military.

How to get your ex back

Mike’s ex girlfriend, a girl named Melissa as I’ve already said, broke up with Mike because she found another person, in this case a poem writer. What a contrast to Mike. It was a real smack to his ego. Mike understood that even though Melissa had an artistic streak, she was not going to ultimately remain happy to someone whose concept for a good evening was writing poetry while she sat around. The truth is, the poem writer wasn’t the type of guy which he was by a long shot.

Mike’s 3 Step Approach to Get His Ex Girlfriend Back

So, Mike laid the details for a strategic master plan to get an ex girlfriend back. There became three methods to his strategy to get his ex girlfriend back.

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Step #1

The first detail he did was to smooth out the abrasive, military-induced parts of his life. He let his short crew-cut hair get longer and got a stylish haircut, you know, with lots of gel and spiky. He also began reading several of the books Melissa had read in the past. Mike determined that to get an ex girlfriend back, he should be the kind of boyfriend Melissa desired. Pretty good idea, right?

Step #2

The next angle of the battle plan to get his ex girlfriend back was to display to her that he could be a desirable man that many women craved. So, ballsy, battle-plan-minded Mike telephoned up Christina, a friend of Melissa’s, and asked her if she wanted to go to a dinner and movie for a ‘fun’ date. When she agreed, Mike messaged his ex girl friend back Melissa and inquired where Christina might like to go on a date. Direct hit to the target…haha!

Melissa wasted no time in asking him why he had asked Christina out. He simply told Melissa, “Look, since the two of them were broken up he was just having fun. He had always thought Christina as a charming girl and thought it would be a enjoyable opportunity to get to know her better. If Melissa had some objections, perhaps she might reconsider their break up.”

Melissa slammed down the telephone, something Mike anticipated. Still Mike had laid the notion in Melissa that Mike might be a desired guy to someone after all. Can you see the jealousy setting in? This is all a part of Mike’s “Get an ex girlfriend back strategy”.

Step #3

And now his third method of attack to get his ex girlfriend back is to use the date with Christina to carry details back to Melissa. He was an absolute gentleman on his night out with Christina. Mike took her a beautiful red rose when he took her out. Mike treated Christina to a delicious restaurant. Also, on their date, Mike talked about the fabulous books he has been enjoying lately.

Then, when Mike ended the date, he gave Christina a gentle hug plus a peck on the cheek but did not go any further. The next day, Mike sent her a lovely bouquet of flowers that said “I had a really fun date. I trust you did too.”

Christina, naturally, was on her cell with Melissa immediately. She asked why she had stopped a relationship with such a considerate person.

In the meantime, the newness had gone away from the dating with the Poet, and she was longing for Mike a lot.

She texted him a few nights after his date with Christina and asked if they would try starting up their relationship again.

That, my friends, is a Mike’s strategic and successful how to get an ex girlfriend back method.

I trust this story brings you belief that you can achieve this as well.