Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Every relationship is worth the start and there is no ultimate formula for a perfect bond, but there are ways to get your ex girlfriend back. When everything becomes so complicated, you consider the thought of breaking up only to realize that you still want the person in your life. Whatever is the cause of breakup, it is important that you weigh the pros and cons of the relationship before deciding to get back together. Getting your ex girlfriend back is not an easy feat. No matter how hard you have planned your strategies in order to get her attention again, oftentimes, your fantasies do not reconcile with the reality. So, here are the ways on how you can get your ex girlfriend back for keeps.

Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Start With Yourself

Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Start With YourselfRemember, there really are no best ways to get your ex girlfriend back as everything is a case-to-case basis. You might be wondering the point of origin of your breakup and trying to figure out who is wrong. Instead of doing this, start by analyzing yourself.

Of course, at any point in your relationship, you had your faults and so she does. But if you will keep blaming her, you will never get her back because you are still putting the wrong to others. Try to recognize and accept your faults and then move on.

True Pheromones

Little by little, try your best to correct your mistakes and make yourself a better person. This might sound so vague but only you can tell which of your traits and attitudes are negative. Spend some time with yourself before you decide to make the first move of getting her back.

Giving The Relationship A Second Chance Might Win Her Back

More often than not, we are blinded by our emotions especially when the events prior to the breakup is still fresh. We tend to over-analyze and judge the person by their faults. If you want an objective assessment of your relationship, see it in a macroscopic level and try not to be bias on either party.

Examine the flaws of the relationship as a whole. Always remember that a relationship is a cooperative effort by matured adults, and thus, any mistakes or improvements shall be taken by both individuals. List all the positive and negative side of the relationship to help you in finally deciding whether it is worth the second chance or not.

When you have listed all the pros and cons, look at the negative sides and decide which ones can be remedied or reconcile. If majority is irreconcilable, then perhaps, it is time to let go.

It’s Not Just About Getting Back Together: Start A Conversation

This is the first step of the process on how to get an ex gf back. The result can either make or break your plan of winning her back. Take note that if your ex girlfriend is not yet ready to talk to you, respect her decision, otherwise she will feel forced to do something that she does not want to do.

Your invitation for a serious conversation must be casual. Reiterate that you are open to any amendments in case that she is not comfortable. Directly state your reason for having such conversation and emphasize that you are aiming for a peaceful and positive result. Tell her that you still value your relationship and you sincerely want her back.

This gives her the time to think and reconsider things between the two of you. When you are honest and sincere, the woman feels it. Who knows? She might just change her mind and consider giving your relationship a second chance.

If You Want to Win Her Back, Talk Nicely And Sincerely

Everything can be settled in a diplomatic way even the most hurtful breakup you have so far, therefore do not even think that there are instant ways on how to get your ex girlfriend back fast. If you feel so desperate of winning her back, it would not take you farther but it would just create another fight. Compose yourself and let her see that you are focused and determined to achieve your end goal.

Talk nicely and do not ever mention her negative attitudes in a rude and sarcastic way. This will just drive her away and you will eventually lose her interest on your proposal. Keep in mind that everything that you do is aimed on winning her back. Tell her that you believe that your relationship is absolutely worth the sacrifice and you are willing to make some improvements out of it.

Talk her through it. Convince her that losing the relationship should not be the last resort and you can still transform everything into a desirable situation by means of your mutual partnership.

Do Some Follow-Ups To Win Her Back Fast

Winning her back is like working on a difficult business proposal. At first, you will lay all your positive cards and then state your goal. Do not expect that your ex girlfriend would give you positive answer automatically. Give her some time to think but never make her feel that you are already losing the grip.

Make some follow-ups. Try to call her or send her an email to ask whether or not she thinks that the relationship is still worth the risk. Refrain from being so aggressive when you talk to her as this can only irritate her. Instead, be firm and emphasize that whatever her decision will be, you will respect that.

You can give her an ultimatum in a very subtle way. Emphasize that as much as she wants a happy life, you also want to move on and start anew and so, her timely decision on the matter is very important.

Prevent Complications For You To Be Back Together

Most probably, the reason why she broke up with you is because things were getting so complicated and that it started to become very annoying and undesirable. When she decides to give your relationship another chance, it is not the end of your battle.

Assuming that you are looking forward to a long-term relationship, of course, both of you will do necessary actions to prevent another breakup. Thus, avoid things that will complicate your relationship. Try to talk over the things that you feel is unjust for the both of you.

Getting Back Together Is Like Having A Brand New Relationship

It would be very helpful if you can convince yourself to start your relationship in a brand new way. Oftentimes, it is a question of mindset and if you are not able to free yourself from the guilt of the past, you are not yet ready to start a new relationship.

The sorrows and guilt that you have acquired from your previous relationship will keep you locked up and it will certainly make you unhappy even if you are with the same person again. Try to loosen up yourself and you will see wonders to your newly-founded relationship once more.