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Gold Based Investments

Gold is an investment that a lot of investors are getting into. We’ve all heard about the price of gold on the news, and a lot of people are wondering if it’s too late to jump on board and add gold based investments into their investment portfolios. The real question is, if you haven’t invested in gold yet, what have you been waiting for? Gold has long been used as […]

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Financial Health and Wealth Advice - Gold Penny Stocks

Gold Penny Stocks

Gold penny stocks are increasingly becoming one of the most popular methods to invest in gold, especially for anyone who is just starting out in the market. Penny stocks are stocks that are valued at a price lower than one U.S. dollar. These are easy buy because a lot of shares can be purchased for a minimal investment, and with that many shares, even a move as little as one […]

Where to Buy Gold?

Finding an outlet in which to buy gold is probably the easiest step in the entire process of investing in gold. The question you need to be asking yourself is not so much where to buy gold, but what type of gold you want to buy. Different types of gold are more suited for different types of investing or collecting. You can purchase gold literally anywhere. Any jewelry store will […]

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Financial Health and Wealth Advice - Why More People Are Investing in Gold

Why More People Are Investing in Gold

With the economic situation being such as it is, plenty of people are contemplating further investment possibilities as a way to safeguard their future. Gold is one such investment decision, but often, some people are unsure why they should invest in precious metals. The numerous reasons all vary in terms of scope and personal choice, but in the end, many people should consider investing in gold due to a few basic […]

What Exactly is a “Dollar” Anyway?

Dollars.  We’ve had them around and used them for our entire lives.  We’re so familiar with dollars that we never really stop to think about what they actually represent.  All we know is that we need those bucks to provide for ourselves and our families. And, if we can just accumulate enough of them, our lives will be improved (theoretically, at least) and we can acquire a lot more good […]

Financial Health and Wealth Advice - What Exactly is a “Dollar” Anyway

Financial Health and Wealth Advice - SPDR Gold Trust

SPDR Gold Trust? I Don’t Think So!

GLD – How Do I (Not) Love Thee?  Let Me Count the Ways! Are you still weighing your options – considering whether to invest in physical gold and silver or take the “easy” way out by investing in an exchange traded fund?  I really hate to hear that.  Let’s see if I can help you. [caption id="attachment_8644" align="alignleft" width="300"] SPDR Gold Trust – Price 2012-2017[/caption] First, let’s be sure we […]

Precious Metal Investment Opportunity As Good As It’s Been In Years

Silver and gold have most probably been the most perplexing resources to watch in the last couple of months. The Canadian Yukon is preparing to be pounded by drill machinery glad to get some action following a sustained winter of not drilling core samples. Spot metal prices had a brilliant run-up in the most recent several weeks, and now the prices have come back down a little after advancing ahead […]

Financial Health and Wealth Advice - Precious Metal Investment Opportunity As Good As It’s Been In Years

Silver and Gold bullion Bars Coins and Rounds

Precious Metal Mutual Funds

Precious metal mutual funds are becoming increasingly popular as an easy way to participate in the precious metal bull market that has already lasted over a decade.  The outlook is for the second decade to be even more explosive than the first, as people pour into gold funds and silver funds. Let’s take a look first at some sound fundamental reasons for the expectation that precious metals will continue to […]

Time for Gold, Now?

Gold is more often considered an attractive investment in times of greatest uncertainty, especially when traditional equity and currency markets are in a freefall. So why invest in Gold now when economies are strong and growing and the future looks so incredibly bright. But does it really? Notice that the rapid increase in the price of Gold over the past few years, during an aggressive bull market, seems to contradict […]

Growing your Portfolio with Gold IRA Assets

Financial Health and Wealth Advice - 4 Reasons to Buy Gold Bullion

Why is the best way to invest in Gold Bullion?

If you have paid much attention to the news lately you will notice that gold is a hot topic, perhaps the hottest. His spectacular rise in prices has surprised many, but those who know it is perfectly natural. So, why so many investors flock to buy gold bars? The fact is that gold is the ultimate refuge for investors. If people lose faith in paper money and traditional assets like […]