What To Wear On A First Date? – 3 Tips To Look Appealing

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There are umpteen proverbs on first impression such as ‘First impression is the best impression”, “First impressions last forever” and so on. Dates can have various meanings, as we live among different cultures, religions, and lifestyles. However, in recent times, in many countries and cultures, dating (social meeting or romantic appointment) is best known as the process by which romantic relationships are formed, either to get married or live-in together.

Usually, dates between two individuals are often set up by their known-ones/friends/acquaintances. Dating partners are found at work, party, online etc.

Every date has the same purpose of joining two individuals that is, setting the tone for a longer relationship. A research survey by the Department of Human Communication Studies, University of Denver and Arizona State University has indicated that first dates often “represent an important early event in the development of dating relationship.

Every date has the same purpose joining two individuals and setting the tone for a longer relationship. A research survey by the Department of Human Communication Studies, University of Denver and Arizona State University has indicated that first dates often “represent an important early event in the development of dating relationship.

Individuals out on a first date are either happy of the outcome or they come out as a changed person. A date can begin only on the basis of beginning a friendship, but can, in the duration, change into a romantic one. The outcome of a date has been found to depend on the communication, attire, circumstances and context.

Successful first dates are often considered beneficial as they can represent important life changing events in an individual’s career. As is the norm, first dates also cater to specific rules, etiquette and guidelines, but they have been changed from generation to generation. But the humanitarian values still imply.

It always feels nice to get dressed to your best for many suitable occasions and a first date can be the best one. In terms of handling challenges in everyday life, the first date thought is a bundle of nerves for many. The first and last thing that comes to your mind is how you would want to look, in other terms, “What is the outfit/attire that I should wear on a first date?”

If you are not a fashion enthusiast and have a hard time in guessing how to make the first, everlasting impression, you need not worry. Given below are some first dating tips, which will prevent you from becoming embarrassed and inform you what to wear on a first date:

Tip 1: Strike a balance and select clothes to wear from your wardrobe according to the occasion

Analysing how to react to a challenge is one of the most important things in life. You need to know the occasion and location before selecting the appropriate costume from your wardrobe to be worn on a first date. If you are going to a casual restaurant with fun or relaxing themes or to a movie, you can decide on wearing an outfit (example: a pair of jeans, t-shirt, flat dressy shoe and accessories such as latest mobile) that gives the impression of being “cool”. But if you are going with a person whom you have known long enough, it is advisable that you wear something formally that makes you comfortable, and suits their requirements also. If you are going on a hike with your first date, it is preferable to stay away from black color and select some attire that has pleasant, relaxing colors (light blue, light green). If the occasion is rock and roll, your favorite jeans and leather jacket are the best options. For going to a social event, old historical monument or a museum on your first date, you can opt for the sweater-vest above the collar shirt to give a studious look.

Tip 2: Ensure Cleanliness in your Dress

You have to make sure that your dress is clean, properly pressed and you have worn the perfect one that suits your body type. If neatly groomed, you inform your date that she is of importance/significance to you and shows good manners. Wearing trousers too tight might look odd and wearing one loose-fitting or too baggy, can attract sloppy and funny looks from persons around you, making your date embarrassed. Your trousers should fit around your waist and the hems should reach your ankles. Being aware of the color that suits your body type and color is half the battle won.

Tip 3: Do not try the new dress on your first date

Dating tips, given by elderly persons, have enough proof that wearing a new outfit or following a new trendy clothing style can bring its own share of uncomfortable experiences. Looking uncomfortable before your date is the last thing on earth that you would want to happen. The Tips Manual recommends on sticking to the outfits one is comfortable in. You are permitted to wear an interesting watch, never-before-seen necklace, but ensure that the pattern does not throw your dating partner out of balance. Always remember, bragging is not allowed.

What to avoid:

  • It is better to avoid shiny shoes on a casual date as they do not match unless with a business suit.
  • Women prefer talking to men in leather shoes on a date than with one wearing tennis shoes.
  • Going to a high-profile restaurant calls for a blazer/jacket with matching shirt. Jeans are prohibited in this occasion.
  • Dress according to the weather conditions. You might be huffing if you put on a thick sweater in the hot sun or shivering if you are wearing only a T-short in the cold. Dresses in dark color are best suited for winter.
  • Clothes that are wrinkled, having dirty nails, having body spray or body cologne in your dress that can engulf the entire atmosphere are a perfect no-no. Remember, that reason of a date is to be with someone and to have pleasant conversation.
  • Being on time or earlier, in your chosen location, unless you pick your date shows you are interested.

Keep in mind, that a first date or appointment is just a chance of getting to know the other person better and it is not a screening session. The more dressed you are, the more confident you will look and act. An uncomfortably dressed and ill-prepared man can give the impression of a person who had a date ages ago.

If you are comfortable with yourself, you will be definitely comfortable with others is a well-known proverb. Being comfortable turns you into an avid listener – the main factor for a successful first date.

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