What Makes the Bad Boys Click with the Chick

The baddie walks away with the girl. That’s real for you. The bad guys back school and colleges are having a time with the babes. That’s real for you. Why, is it that the best looking girls drop for the bad guys? Or is it that the handsome hunks go on to become the baddies. Virtually, everywhere the scenario is the same. Any place you go, you find a girl of your fantasy with a dupe or bamboozle. You happen to wonder, what’s wrong with us? Conventionally, we have been made to believe that we should be tough and strong. On the other side, we have to be in touch with our feminine side and be sympathetic and sensitive. And on yet another side, the man who is rude, disrespectful and ill-treats his girlfriend seems to have a huge following of the chicks.  Its then that you feel the life is being unfair to you.

Let’s check out what makes the bad boys click with the chick. 

  • Interesting: Bad guys have an interesting way of doing things. They are far from the conventional and the law-abiding methods and follow law as per their own discretion. They do the things the way that pleases them. You do the things in a conventional manner and that is what makes you dull.
  • Challenge: The challenges have a thrill of their own. Girls love challenges, as do the guys. And that is what the bad boys are, a challenge. The girls take up the challenge of getting themselves accepted to these guys and then the challenge of keeping them to their selves. You want them and they’ll ignore you. The beautiful ladies around get the satisfaction of getting the bad boys. The more the challenge, higher is the satisfaction they derive out of it and they feel good about it.
  • Confidence: Confidence and Self-Assurance are the two main characters of the bad boys. They don’t give a damn as to what other think about them. They don’t need to be all prim and proper, they have a style of their own and that is why they stand apart.

So, what have we got here? The qualities discussed above play a vital role in the shaping of the character of the bad boys and the way they do things? This makes them lovable and sexy. Now, you won’t wonder, why it that the baddie always walks away with the girl. No justification here, but that’s the way it is.

True Pheromones

Getting Yourself Right

Hey, now you don’t have to go and become one of those baddie men around. What is clear here is that there are lessons to be learnt. The lovable and the attractive features and qualities in you can be enhanced and used as a weapon in your armory. Get a good feeling about yourself first. Perceive yourself right and that will go a long way in increasing your confidence and put you at par with those baddies.

Dating these days is a mind game, full of complexities and the rules can give you a feeling of being in a mine-field. Return to basics, analyze yourself, pick up the signs that the girls want and enhance you on to them. And then you are ready to play the dating game. The world is waiting for you. So go on and have a big time.