What to do When a Crisis Strikes Your Marriage

What to do When a Crisis Strikes Your Marriage

Life is full of crisis, and unfortunately marriage is no exemption. Sometimes the hardest storms hit within the parameters of marriage. Crisis can appear through a death in the family, health complications, infidelity, or financial issues. But just because a major storm hits, a marriage does not need to become a part of the aftermath of destruction. In order to keep the structure of marriage from crumbling through a storm it is crucial to stay strong and face the problems head-on together.

In any marriage it is essential to maintain strong communication and bonding, especially through tragedy and crisis. One of the worst things to do when a tragedy strikes is to develop an independent approach trying to conquer the situation alone. If one of the two people involved in a marriage feels all alone in the middle of a heavy storm, feelings of bitterness and resentment could arise adding to the turmoil altogether. When a storm hits, do not just surrender to the chaos, but rise up as a couple and conquer the difficulties. A few factors are essential in conquering a crisis together.

When a crisis strikes, the first piece of the crisis overcoming agenda is to assess the situation. Identify the problem and obtain a plan of successful action in order to meet the goals of the marriage. Where is the crisis occurring? Is the crisis within the marriage affecting both partners? Or does the situation affect one partner more than the other? Size up the situation and take a look at the entire picture. Set a rough timeline and decide what needs to be done right away in order to make a critical situation better. Decide who will play certain roles in the healing and overcoming process. Then take action.

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If the problem exists within the marriage and both partners are affected by the circumstance, then it is important that both partners comfort, help, and understand each other. Both spouses should initiate solutions to the problem and work toward alleviating the problems. If a situation has affected one partner greater than the other it is important that the other partner exercise empathy, comfort and encouragement toward the affected spouse.

A common factor through most adversity is grief; and grieving is a natural process. Grief requires a certain level of understanding, empathy, and comforting. It is crucial that marriage partners comfort each other in times of sadness and grief, allowing adequate time to cope with hurt and feelings of confusion while offering encouragement and sound advice.

Whether it is in the form of financial difficulties, death, or infidelity marriage and life are full of crisis and adversity. However, marriages do not need to crumble beneath the weight of problems. When a crisis arises, set a game plan together, take a look at the entire picture, decide who the crisis affects most of all, and initiate roles and goals as a couple. Most of all do not undermine the importance of compassion, understanding, empathy, and comfort in maintaining a strong marriage that can break through any adversity.

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