What You Shouldn’t Do On Your First Date

Finding the perfect person you’d want to spend your life with is even harder these days than in the past. Perhaps because of how we easily connect, we feel that there are more people out there that we can meet unlike in previous centuries when people make do with what is available. This is a good thing, yes but it does not make the dating scene any less stressful.

One of the make-and-break moments in a person’s dating life is the first date. What you do and what you say can create a lasting first impression that will ensure or not ensure a follow up date. Here are some of the things that you should not do if you do not want to get the kiss of death in dating.

1. Do not Play the tramp
It does not bode well for a relationship to sleep with someone on the first date… that is if you want it to be a lasting relationship. Do not play the sex kitten or the tramp if you do not want to be treated as only a sex kitten and a tramp. This means that you should not wear clothes that are too sexy or suggestive of sex. The same goes with the things that you say. Stay clear of sexy remarks or anything that will suggest sexual tension. The first date is a time to get to know the person without sex complicating it.

True Pheromones

2. Do not Reveal too much
It may seem too deceitful but the first dates are the time to put your best feet forward. This does not mean that you should lie outright and create a persona that is not really you. It just means that you should highlight the positive and de-emphasize the negative. If you can avoid it, don’t even mention a thing about it. Revealing too much also destroys the mystery which is important if you want to entice your date to ask you for another round next time.

3. Do not appear too interested.
So you liked your date the minute you saw him or her from across the room. What do you do? Just play it cool and don’t expect much from the date. People who expect too much from the date will only appear to be too clingy and that is big turn off for the guys and yeah for the modern women. People right now, even the women, want lovers who have their own interests and can function independent of the relationship. Do not let it slip that you are interested too. It is good to retain an air of mystery. Remember that as twisted as this sounds, people often want the things that they cannot get. So start the chase, you might both reach the finish line.

4. Do not order foods that are difficult to eat
This is perhaps the cardinal rule in first dates and is probably the reason why daters avoid spaghetti, salad with mayo and other dishes with sauce on it. Dishes like this will increase the chances of you making a muck of your dress.