What’s going on in a Man’s Mind behind All the Façade?

Everything seems to be going your way and you feel you have finally mastered the technique of handling the man of your life. But wait till you are damn sure, you are trying to hold fine sand between your dainty fingers, the more you tighten your grasp, the more it will fall. A woman can never be 100% sure about what is passing through a man’s mind, if a woman’s mind is an ocean, then a man’s mind may be the vast universe.

Rest assured man will always remain that elusive bull hound, who best tries to please himself above everything. Women, in the role of a sexually liberated successful career woman, feel secure and happy as long as they know that they are still very much desirable to the opposite sex.  That may be a myth, women are very successful (as they always were) in their new avatar as a business and career woman, but are they liberated in the true sense of the word?

Modern man on the other hand is finding it hard to keep pace with the world. The world is slowly awakening to the fact that the females are much more disciplined and outstanding in their work area, be it armed forces or NASA space plans. Male counterparts are swapping roles from the sole breadwinner to a diaper-changing father.

True Pheromones

The male stronghold is slowly losing hold, the dictator is no longer ruler, and it is a woman who holds the fort nowadays. If men have ego problems with this modern society outlook, then they can very well brood about it. Years of solo ruling and power have slowly changed hands for the better. It may take some time for the modern man to adjust and realize this truth. Moreover in Western countries the change is quite apparent. Men are aware of the fact that they have to strive harder to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with women, also finding a mate is a bit harder than before. They know that women are the real rulers. But does that change the way they perceive things?

The million-dollar question is- what does a man really want?

  • A man is always seeking a mate. They love being loved and to love in return. But it isn’t that simple to find a caring and loving mate. And when they finally find a suitable potential partner, they hang on like dogs in hope of a positive approach from the opposite sex.
  • Men definitely seek good-looking females; it’s just eyewash to add adjectives like heart of gold and good character. Looks do matter; men take pride in strutting their beautiful girlfriends along with them.
  • A man may not necessarily look for a catwalk model; a thin skinny female doesn’t stand any chance for attracting men. Like an old saying, ‘ the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’ Men still yearn for a trustworthy and faithful partner who will care for them like a mother, be submissive to their biological needs and be trustful like a good friend. A man may be unfaithful and flirty, but he won’t bear to see the same traits with his partner.
  • Men seek women who are truly feminine, kind and caring. They search for a lovely mother for their future children. Therefore women who are homely and social are more preferred to the hip party going types. A man may flirt with an extrovert female, but deep down there may be insecurity about her true nature, and he may never want her to be his life partner.

Puzzled aren’t you? Well, it’s not easy to understand a man, much less talk about what’s deep down in his heart!