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White Gold Vs Platinum

Making the decision to invest in precious metals is a smart one.  History has shown that over time the price of precious metals will rise and provide you with a good return on the investment.  When it comes to investing precious metals, there are many choices that you will make.  It is important to get the right information to help make good choices.  If you are interested in learning what kind of precious metals to invest in, one place to start is considering white gold vs platinum.

Differences in White Gold and Platinum

Both of these are consider to be precious metals.  They are both sold in a variety of ways that include ingots or bars, jewelry and coins.  It is also possible to trade in stocks of companies that are involved with these precious metals.  Before investing in either of these metals, it is a good idea to understand how they are different.

The first thing people will notice about these metals is the weight.  Platinum is much heavier than white gold.  It is also much harder.  This makes fashioning jewelry out of white gold easier than it is out of platinum.  The most common use for white gold is jewelry, but platinum is able to be used for many other purposes including medical equipment, electrical contacts and emission controls systems.  Platinum is a much more functional precious metal than white gold is.

When comparing platinum vs white gold, it is important to understand that platinum is a pure metal and white gold is an alloy.  It is a combination of naturally occurring white gold that is combined with other metals to form the white gold.  This is why white gold is the color that it is.  Platinum is naturally grayish white in color.  Both of these metals can make a very attractive jewelry because of their color.

Cost of the Precious Metals

When you compare gold vs platinum, one of the main considerations that everyone will have is how much they cost.  Most people realize that both of these precious metals are expensive, but it might surprise people to find out that in the first quarter of 2012 the cost of white gold was about $1,734 per troy ounce and the cost of platinum was $1,631 per troy ounce.  A lot of people are under the assumption that platinum is more valuable because it is rarer, but this is not the case.

When a precious metal is made into jewelry there are many other factors that go into the price and it is very possible that the platinum jewelry ends up costing more than the white gold jewelry because of its rarity.

Another consideration about the cost of these precious metals is how much they will fluctuate.  Over time, the price of precious metals has consistently gone up.  It is this factor that makes investing in precious metals a good idea.  If you look at the fluctuation of the prices in gold vs platinum, you will see that platinum will have larger swings in prices than white gold has.  Platinum responds much more to the changes in the economic situation.  That fluctuation should be considered if you are trying to decide between white gold vs platinum as a shorter term investment.  It is usually easier to get larger returns in the short term when you buy platinum than it is when you buy white gold.  The same can be said if you were to compare platinum vs silver as an investment decision.

Where to buy Precious metals

If you have to decide between platinum vs gold to invest in, you also have to decide where to buy it.  That can actually be a harder decision than deciding which one to buy.  If you are looking for jewelry that is made out of white gold or platinum, you would probably head to a traditional jewelry store.  The internet is changing all of that.  It is now possible to get high quality jewelry that is made out of these precious metals from online retailers.  Many of these online retailers offer a wider selection of pieces at a much lower price than traditional retailers do.  As long as you are dealing with a reputable online retailer, you will get what you pay for.

If you want to buy ingots or solid pieces of platinum or white gold, you can also search the internet.  There are plenty of dealers who will buy and sell these metals at the current market price.  This is a commodity that is traded on a regular basis, so there is always a market for anything you have or that you want.

Which One to Choose

When most people are reading about the comparison of two products they want to know which one is the better choice.  In the case of the comparison of white gold and platinum, there is no clear answer.  There are times when white gold is a better investment and there are times when platinum is a better investment.  When you are buying jewelry the tastes of the individual are the most important part of the decisions.  It is very easy to find people who prefer white gold and it is also very easy to find people who prefer platinum.  That decision has to be based on personal preferences.  If you are trying to get a good return on your investment in precious metals, the best thing to do is talk to a professional financial adviser to get the advice that you need.  They can develop investment strategies that will often include both of the precious metals.

In the end, no one loses in the choice between white gold vs platinum.  Both of these metals are valuable and the demand for either of them is not going to disappear any time soon.  An investment in either of these precious metals will give you a good return over time.  If you are using the metal to make jewelry, you will also get to enjoy wearing it on special occasions.  This intrinsic value is one of the things that both of these precious metals provide for their owner.