Who Can Help Save Marriage From Divorce

Who Can Help Save Marriage From Divorce

If you’ve gotten to the point where you feel like you’ve done everything you can think of on your own to save marriage from divorce, you may be ready to consider who can help you fix your broken relationship.  Getting a fresh perspective may be just what is needed help save a failing marriage.  So who can you turn to?


Perhaps you have friends who have somehow managed save a marriage from an impending divorce.  Don’t be afraid to ask them how they handled it.  Don’t confine yourself to only asking friends your own age about it either.  Older couples can be very helpful in sharing their experience and accumulated wisdom regarding working through the difficulties of marriage.

Even if a couple you know seems like their relationship is perfect now, you may be surprised to learn what they have gone through.  The downside of this approach is that any couple you ask will only be able to advise you based on their own personal experience, which may or may not be relevant to your marital problems.

Online forums!

The internet is a vast expanse of information and opportunities to connect on just about any topic, including marriage issues.  The nice thing about using forums to get marriage advice is the fact that you can post your questions anonymously and you will get varying opinions and points of view from all kinds of people.  This can take some time though, as you do not have a real-time conversation like you would when actually talking to someone, and the forum conversation can lack the deeper levels of interactivity.

Marriage Counseling!

One of the first things your well intentioned friends will suggest, when you bring up the subject of how to save marriage from divorce, is marriage counseling.  This makes perfect sense because a good professional marriage counselor will be well trained in resolving marital conflicts and hopefully has years of experience dealing with a variety of problems, couples and situations.

Here’s the problem with that obvious advice though – – a lot of the time, your spouse simply doesn’t want to do it.  They either think the relationship is already past the point of no return and don’t want to put time and energy into trying to save it, or they don’t want to discuss it in front of a third party, or worse, they don’t think there is a problem at all!  If this is the case for you, don’t despair.  Sometimes a simple appeal to logic, carefully avoiding a tone of begging or pressuring the person to go, will actually do the trick.

Keep in mind though, that although marriage counseling can be effective depending on the situation, the couple and the counselor, it is not always the magic solution we would like to think.  As a matter of fact, the average success rate for marriage counseling to save marriage from divorce is only around 30%!

Self help books!

If you’ve spent any time searching for marriage saving tips online, you’ve likely come across a few ebook offerings that promise to show you how to fix a broken relationship and save a marriage even when your partner isn’t willing to try.  While it’s easy to dismiss these, the best ones actually can be surprisingly effective.

The better plans were developed by highly experienced relationship experts or marriage and family counselors who discovered a formula for what actually works, so they experience a higher success rate than most marriage counselors can claim.  It’s a lot less expensive than actual counseling, and you can work at your own pace and schedule too.

Wherever you decide to start, make sure you start somewhere.  Don’t give up on trying to save marriage from divorce, and don’t be paralyzed into doing nothing.  Putting off finding solutions to marriage problems will only let those problems get bigger.  Help is out there, you just need to find the right solution for you.

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