Why All Couples Need Marriage Counseling

Why All Couples Need Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is something that every marriage needs from time to time. Even in the best marriages, there might be difficulty communicating, difficulty adapting to external changes in the marriage, or finding the proper roles within the marriage as husband and wife. In any case, seeking counseling within a marriage is healthy and should not be looked at as a sign of failure but, instead, as a positive way of reconciling inevitable concerns that will arise throughout the lifelong commitment to one’s spouse.

There are many reasons a couple might seek marriage counseling, and each reason could be as unique as the marriage itself. However, counseling is normally sought as a last resort, when a marriage has resulted in many months or years of frustration, and when resentment and anger have built a barrier between two people’s ability to speak with one another positively. In this case, the introduction of a third person to assist with the breakdown of conversation between two partners could help them get past barriers that have prevented them to communicate effectively in the past.

Marriage counseling comes with a negative “stigma” and is often considered an option far too late, and after too many negative exchanges between spouses have resulted in a lose-lose situation for both parties. This could certainly hinder its success within a marriage, as couples who are having difficulty with an issue should not wait until the marriage is beyond help to seek counseling. They should seek counseling in the beginning stages of conflict, especially if the issue at hand has been a concern within the marriage more than once or if it has begun to dominate conversations and grows into arguments on a regular basis.

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Marriage counseling can come from a number of different sources, and couples can find counseling specific to their needs. Churches and religious groups often offer counseling for free for couples having a difficult time. If the issue is sexually based, there are a number of counselors who could offer advice and help on the topic. If a couple is having difficulty understanding what their issues are, a family counselor would offer some insight and understanding to identify and conquer the issues within the marriage.

In order for any of these counselors to be effective, however, the two people must be willing to put their own agendas aside for the good of the marriage This is often difficult for people to do, but a willingness to grow into a more meaningful marriage is often all one would need to make marriage counseling worth the time, financial resources, and energy it often requires.

Marriage counseling is not only for marriages on the brink but is suitable for any relationship in need of some new ideas or techniques that might help two people have a deeper and more meaningful connection with each other. Despite the negative image it might get, marriage counseling is often a positive experience for all involved and should be considered by anyone who would like a marriage filled with excitement and possibility.

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