Why does my husband ignore me

Why does my husband ignore me?

The average relationship comes to a point of losing intimacy. While one person may be open for complete transparency and affection, the other individual is secretive and ignores the emotional needs of his or her partner. In marital relationships it is often the woman who feels ignored by the man. Such women who find themselves being ignored should understand the potential reasoning behind such neglect and present the problem to their spouse.

Relationship Longevity

Many women suffer neglect in a relationship because of its longevity; this is especially true in marriages. While he may engage in casual conversation and be intimate with his wife during the newlywed years, such conversing and intimacy may reach a stalemate after ten years of marriage. Although the wife may become angry with her spouse for failing to show the same amount of affection as when they were first married, it’s really not his fault. As people and relationships mature, personal characteristics change. While a change in characteristics is not a valid excuse for negligence, it is a factor that women should consider when their spouses ignore them.

Personal Ambitions

Another factor to consider is the man’s personal dilemmas. Some men neglect the emotional needs of their wives in order to provide material possessions. He may, for instance, purchase a car for his wife and work additional hours on his job to pay for the vehicle. Although he is neglecting to fulfill her emotional needs by being at work more than at home, he is giving the wife some form of attention. Women should consider the material wealth that their spouse gives them when taking into account his emotional neglect.

The Remedy: Talk about It

True Pheromones

While some women expect their spouse to be aware of their feelings without prior conversation, it is best to communicate. If the wife is greatly disturbed by the spouse’s emotional neglect, then she should voice her concerns. While it is not necessary to begin an argument over the issue, women should calmly relate intimate dissatisfaction to the husband. In most cases, the husband may be unaware of his neglect and will try to improve intimacy in the relationship to satisfy the wife.

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Why does my husband ignore me?

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