Why I Deleted Tinder

Why I Deleted TinderAt this point in time, I’m pretty sure most twenty-somethings know what Tinder is. If you don’t, then let me enlighten you…

Tinder is basically a “hook-up app.” You are matched with people based solely off of your looks. Then you can sit back and laugh while they throw every cheesy pick-up line in the book your way.

Tinder is definitely not my style. I’m a bit like Carrie Bradshaw – a hopeless romantic seeking mad, passionate love type. So I suppose I should tell you why I downloaded the app in the first place. At the beginning of the summer, my first love and I broke up. It was very messy and hard to deal with. It’s something I’m still getting over. To summarize, we continued talking and were trying to work things out. Then, I found out that he had downloaded this godforsaken app. So I downloaded it in hopes of finding him. And would you look at that – we matched.

True Pheromones

I kept the app around for a little while because I was at a vulnerable state in my life. I’m not going to lie; it felt great having guys tell me how pretty I was. That is, until five minutes later when they would ask me to sit on their face. Hello, Prince Charming! After many disgusting pick-up lines and desperate attempts from guys only trying to get some ass, I began to hate the app.

There is one Tinder encounter that truly stuck with me. It not only infuriated me, but really made me question some things. The guy started out his approach by saying, “Why are you on Tinder? Tinder is for 5’s and 6’s. You’re at least a 7.5!” Okay – first things first, homeboy. I’m a 10 out of 10, thanks! Secondly, is that supposed to be cute?! Well, it wasn’t.

The guy then continued acting like a douche by saying, “Congratulations, I swiped right.” Congratulations? Yes, you’re right! I should feel so lucky that you swiped right for me! I can die happy now that you have told me I’m a 7.5 and should feel lucky that you have taken the time out of your day to give me acceptance!

But in all seriousness, no. You should feel lucky that I even responded to your douche-bag ass in the first place, sir. That’s when I realized something – I have always carried myself as a strong, independent woman who needs no one. I especially don’t need some random idiot telling me how I should feel blessed by his presence. (Side note: He wasn’t even cute!) Being on Tinder went against everything I believed in.

Why should I put myself out there on this stupid app – to boost a guy’s ego when a “hot” girl matches with them? So that same guy can try and get their dick wet? No, sorry pal! It’s just you and your hand tonight!

As a self-respecting woman, I just couldn’t allow myself to continue to be a part of that culture. I’ve never been a girl that was interested in hook-ups. I never will be! And that’s perfectly okay with me. There is nothing wrong with being a strong, independent, single woman.

I hope some of you ladies read this and realize that you don’t need some random internet creep to tell you how pretty you are. Because you are all beautiful! But if you are the opposite of me, using the app to get some…then keep doing you, girl!