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Deciding on which forensic psychology schools to attend? Chances of you being able to choose the school or program are greater if you opt for online instead of campus education.

It’s just so highly competitive to get into psychology graduate programs in general, under the traditional setting. And forensic psychology is such a young field there are only a limited number of schools that offer such programs. You will probably do better to get admitted into a general psychology program, then take as many electives on forensics and law to gain the skills and knowledge needed for this career.

Three Helpful Tips In Choosing

1. Research and investigate. These are two of the most valuable skills you need to become a very good forensic psychologist. You can start harnessing these skills even when deciding where to get training for this discipline.

Use the internet extensively to look into various forensic psychology graduate programs offered by schools. Learn as much as you can initially through this method. Request information from the schools you are considering. After receiving an answer to your initial query, go a step further and talk to the admission staff or officer. Find out if their program will work with the goals you have set for yourself. Visit the campus and interview students taking up the programs or even the faculty, if possible. Having a feel for their environment should help you make the final decide of whether to apply or not.

2. Study the requirements and the course offering. It’s no joke to get into any psychology school. The minimum eligibility requirements can turn away the faint of heart. There’s the GRE on top of the GPA and previous college education, as well as your working credentials, if any. Can you meet the criteria set by the schools you are looking at?

Look into the curriculum. See if this is tailored to your plans. Do they focus on the areas you wish to concentrate on? Will it provide you with a good foundation in the basics, and train you for the specialization you want to focus on? Don’t get carried away because a school or program is ranked as the “best” because sometimes, the best may not meet your expectations.

3. Consider the investment you need. Education is an investment. And it costs. You can always apply for financial aid, if it is available, but you have to be prepared in case you don’t qualify. Online programs have become popular not only because of the convenience it offers, but because you can save on tuition fees up to 40 percent. Tuition can range from $4,000 to $41,000 depending on the level and the forensic psychology schools you choose.

Finding Your School

The John Jay College of Criminal Justice under the City University of New York is said to rank first among forensic psychology schools. It is followed by the Michigan State University, where its School of Criminal Justice is the oldest in the country.

In Illinois, there are two schools exclusively devoted to professional psychology: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and the Adler School of Professional Psychology. Both offer on campus and online forensic psychology programs. The former has also established a campus in Los Angeles, California and is in fact working with the local police department to provide forensic expertise to enhance law enforcement.

Tiffin University in Ohio offers a Masters in Forensic Psychology program where you will learn clinical, counseling, school and neuropsychological skills for application in criminal justice and the civil legal system.

Argosy University has multiple campuses in the California area and in Texas. Its masters in psychology programs also offer a concentration in forensics. In many states, forensic psychology schools online serve their needs. The Medical College of Pennsylvania (PA) offers a joint program with the Hahnemann University for its law and psychology degree concentration.

There are a variety of careers in forensic psychology that you can get into after school. Some will pay more than others, but often the rewards come in forms other than monetary. With the limited forensic psychology schools, it pays to remember you don’t need the degree as much as you do the expertise in legal issues where psychology will be applied to.

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