Increase your IQ by Next Month

Increase your IQ by Next Month

This is a pretty broad topic with many different approaches of course but there are a couple of things you can do starting today to get a boost on your I.Q. by this time next month, or next year or whenever you feel like following this advice. Now before we get to that you should know that although intelligence is influenced by genetics, it’s not totally determined by it and may be improved and shaped.

Here’s a little background to understand how intelligence works before you can also get a cartoon light bulb above your head. Intelligence can be cataloged in two main forms, crystallized and fluid intelligence:

Crystallized intelligence is the kind of intelligence gained through the experience acquired living in this world (and if you lived in another, probably that too), what you have learned and experimented, the knowledge and skills gathered in your brain along the way, just not to be confused with memory.

Fluid intelligence on the other hand is the logic engine in your brain, the pattern recognition feature and deductive power installed there that helps you solve problems with that information gathered before.

As you see the knowledge and experience adds over time (crystallized intelligence), and now on the age of information and technology you can pull out your smart phone and search many of the common how-to’s issues, new concepts or information you may need and get it readily available there at your finger tips, nevertheless the fluid part of your intelligence may stay stagnant or decrease faster (in late adulthood) if it isn’t exercised, flexed or taken care of in a proper way, so I’ve listed a couple of foods and activities of what experts on the field recommend you can do and eat to improve your overall intelligence, read along and find out how and why.

15 Foods to Increase Your IQ

  • Avocado: Containing vitamin E, serves as an antioxidant which also protects the fatty tissues in the brain from aging, a good fat food that is easy to implement in cold foods like sandwiches and salads.
  • Meat: Red lean meat is a great source of iron, which is the transport of oxygen to our brains and the whole body, the lack of this important element can lead to a decrease of concentration and energy. Lentils, egg yolks, broccoli are some other good sources of iron.
  • Milk and its derivatives: Like cheese and yogurt, since protein and calcium stimulate the brain activity, they contain a good supply of good fat which our brain needs for normal functioning, everything with moderation of course.
  • Chicken: Important supply of protein, but the liver is an astounding source of vitamin B1, B6, B9 and B12 improving cognitive functions, a good liver food can also be consumed from veal.
  • Whole grain: Rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, helps reduce the risk of vascular risk factors and high blood pressure, yeah you know, the latter would bad for the performance of your brain, besides bread made with them is way more healthy than the one made with refined flour.
  • Spinach: With folic acid or vitamin B9 this food helps fight depression and aids in the renewal of the blood cells, necessary for the good oxygenation of brain tissue.
  • Pulses: Acts as a stabilizer of the glucose (sugar) levels in the blood, keeping a steady fuel intake for the brain, this helps our memory.
  • Shellfish: Rich in protein and vitamin B12, contains zinc and manganese too, all of which helps fight stress, fatigue and anxiety.
  • Blueberry: Lots of anti-oxidants can be found here, it also boost memory and concentration for hours long after eating, helps to keep the brain oxygenated.
  • Bananas: Helps to keep you alert and provides a boost in concentration, contains vitamin B6 and magnesium which helps the nervous impulses on the brain, it also helps to keep yourself calm (it also helps your general health not to slip with the peel).
  • Coffee: My personal favorite to start the day, without it I can’t even start my car! (yeah I’m exaggerating, haven’t made it that far without it yet), helps with learning since it enhances nerve connections in the brain and boosts metabolism, giving our brains more energy.

12 Best Habits to Increase Your IQ

  • Never skip breakfast: (Oh and coffee doesn’t count as such) make it a habit, and a good one, high quality carbohydrates will keep your brain fueled and the body energy up for longer, this the most important meal of the day, include protein to aid in memory and attention, additionally, skipping a meal slower your metabolism.
  • Exercise: Do it regularly, and no the “I walk from my desk to the printer” doesn’t count, a real simple 30 minute walk every day would be a good start, remember oxygen in your blood is the key, it also helps reduce stress.
  • Keep Hydrated: Drink from 6 to 8 glasses of water daily to keep the ideas muscle running smooth, many times a headache just surges from the lack of proper hydration, remember this organ requires fat and water to keep working properly.
  • Read: Reading great books increases awareness as information adds in your brain’s database, like new words, events and experiences narrated by authors who share their points of view, this is a way to enhance the crystallized intelligence we talked about above.
  • Write: It doesn’t have to be a novel, a simple diary or journal helps your memory and vocabulary, adds perspective to the new experiences gathered through the day and helps organize thoughts and ideas, read them once you have finished writing them.
  • Music: Listening to it increases awareness and betters the mood, I’d recommend you to type in your search engine “meditation music” or “music for studying” for great suggestions, it helps you to get focused, however, producing music or studying it has a deep impact on your brain and creates new neural connections also useful for other non musical tasks.
  • Sleep well: A sound night of rest (or the shift you are used to sleep through) is essential for your brain health, adults require at least 7 hours to fully rest and be alert by the day, interestingly enough, a study shows that smart people tend to sleep a little later by night and wake up also a little later, in whichever case everybody needs full rest.
  • Get social: Get good quality social interactions, it helps you build emotional intelligence and develop your emotions management skills (second look at your friends list). One’s behavior is highly influenced by those around us, so meet with those who add something positive to your life, new people bring new and refreshing experiences as well as new enriching points of view, you don’t have to agree with them all but the interaction will give you a wider perspective.
  • Get a Hobby: Whether it is knitting, sailing or playing video games, they serve among others benefits to the purpose of a pressure valve, sometimes our brains need a way to cool down and relax the flexed muscle, recharge and distract, what’s even better, most hobbies add a skill or two to your brain repertory, visualize yourself having the hobby of playing chess or other competitive games, they boost our problem solving abilities, strategy games are highly recommended.
  • Learn a new Language: As it helps clear thinking and increases your overall learning power, oh and the no lesser side effect of having you opening to the world and to new experiences, it could even make it easier for you to travel to that paradisaical resort in the country you dream about.
  • Meditation: Practicing it regularly shows to have cognitive benefits and helps people suffering with anxiety, stress and depression, meditation helps synchronization of both hemispheres allowing a better communication between them.
  • Change Habits: Say that again! but we were talking about following good habits right? Yes and don’t change those, I mean that you stimulate your brain to do things in a different way, like brushing your teeth with the other hand you’re not used to, or drive to work on a different path every once in a while, some even suggest to walk around the house with your eyes closed to try to identify your daily objects, maybe with practice you could stop bumping your toe against the kitchen table as always, so this is to form new connections in your brain, you can be creative and experiment.

These are some of the many ways to help your body and mind to keep in optimum conditions but remember that nothing beats attitude, so I believe you should keep a positive, learning and open-minded attitude first.

These recommendations will help your brain be well nourished and ready for action, you can always keep adding new good habits to your daily routine, now remember this is not medical advice and you should consult your physician or medical expert before attempting new supplements, foods or exercises.

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