Over 3 out of 10 men experience premature ejaculation regularly!

Over 3 out of 10 men experience PE regularly

Over 3 out of every 10 men experience PE regularly and cannot last as long as they want during sex. This is regardless of race or age. Even though it affects a huge number of people, PE is not widely discussed by the men who experience it. Read this article to discover why men often have to suffer alone with their issue.

When sex ends prematurely, it’s common for men to just get on out of there. It can be very embarrassing, and unsatisfying for both people. You just want to get it out of your mind. So you keep it to yourself and hope it doesn’t happen next time. Even long-term couples quite often endure total silence over the guy’s tendency to come quickly. It’s a tricky subject to bring up, for many reasons.

Why Don’t Couples Discuss Problems in the Bedroom?

Most men discuss their lives with their wife or partner. It’s a good way to get things off your mind and work through them to a solution. Why is PE different?

Well, sometimes orgasm issues can actually be brought on due to strain in the relationship. Perhaps there are money worries, or one partner is working a lot. If the couple is fighting or arguing most of the time, the resulting stress can actually cause PE to happen.

Even if the relationship is strong, it may be difficult for the woman to bring up the fact that her man is not satisfying her sexually. It is a huge blow to a man’s ego to hear this, and so more often than not, the problem is not discussed, and merely endured.

Finally, even if the couple does discuss it, they often do not know how to treat it. There are many myths around the famous ways to solve PE, such as the Squeeze technique or the Stop/Start method. The above methods can be frustrating, or even dangerous if done incorrectly. While there are actually some great books available on treating PE, a lot of people do not seek them out. Instead they look on the Internet and unfortunately find a lot of repetitive, incorrect information.

Why Can’t We Get Good Advice From Doctors?

Again, most people do not want to discuss PE with anybody! It’s just too painful. So doctors don’t get much experience with the nuances of this condition. It makes sense that they rely on what their industry is telling them to do: and that is to treat PE with drugs. There are many medications, such as Priligy, that are regularly prescribed as PE treatments. They are prescribed readily because they are similar to anti-depressants (they are SSRIs), which are also widely recommended these days. The doctor gives you these pills, and their job is done, right?

Not really – the problem with these medications is that they are addictive, have bad side effects, and do not work toward actually curing this issue. If you take this type of medication you can experience side effects like dizziness, seizures, mood swings, and even suicidal thoughts OR loss of erection.

So, instead of looking at alternative treatments, the doctor could end up causing you to not be able to have sex at all! You really need to have looked at all your options before taking this type of medication because the risk is high, especially when they do not even cure you.

In non-medical circles, there are many methods that are known to treat PE very well, and even cure it. They center around learning to control the physical and mental triggers to your orgasm. The core of these is relaxation techniques, however there are other physical factors as well.

Where to Get Good Advice?

So how do we avoid all these issues and move past having PE? My advice is get an ebook. You can buy and download one in the privacy of your own home, so no one needs to know. You can then follow the steps in your own time and get over your issue without all the embarrassment and pain involved with getting doctors involved. There are many ebooks around, so I suggest you search for reviews before you buy. Also make sure there is a clear refund and/or money back policy.

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