How To Reduce Blood Pressure

How To Reduce Blood Pressure

How To Reduce Blood Pressure

People find it difficult when they can’t find ways how to reduce blood pressure. It is a very common disease among individuals of all age groups. It is known to be a silent killer. If you are diagnosed with it, you have to bring down the pressure and for that you have to get on to medication. It’s easy as all you have to do is bring down your numbers, changing your life style and eating habits and take your medicines on time.

How To Reduce Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a familiar terminology but very few know about its causes and after effects. Arteries in our body are called blood carriers which carry blood from the main source heart to all the remaining parts of the body. This flow of blood is necessary to perform various bodily functions. Blood can easily flow through the arteries as they are made smooth and flexible by nature. As the blood flows across the arteries it applies a certain pressure on the artery walls.

This pressure is called as blood pressure. When blood flows with higher pressure than normal it is called high blood pressure and vice versa. 120/80 is a normal rate of blood pressure where as 140/90 ranges among the higher pressure. Regular check up is a key to control blood pressure issues. A patient is suffering from pre hypertension if the pressure ranges from 120/80 to 140/90.

Measuring blood pressure is not a big art you can measure it at home if you have the measuring device. Place a blood pressure cuff around your arm softly and listen to the blood flow. The cuff will start inflating and it can easily be measured. Blood pressure issue is symptom less where as from our common observation common symptoms are dizzy spells, nose bleeding and headache.

Play with these three symptoms and kick off blood pressure related issues from your life. A healthy life style will help you know how to handle them. You can avoid medication if you treat your high blood pressure successfully. Follow few things and make your life trouble free from blood pressure issues.

1. Lose weight

Blood pressure is directly proportional to weight. 10 pounds is the maximum weight that you have to lose in order to reduce blood pressure. Your medication will be more effective by the time you will start losing extra calories.

One thing more which is very important and effective is cutting your waist line. Keep an eye and measure the increase or decrease of your waist line. You will be facing a great risk if you are carrying too much weight. So control your waist and body weight.

2. Exercise regularly

Healthy life style needs a regular physical activity. You can lower your blood pressure by 4 to 9 millimeters if you will exercise 30 to 60 minutes a week. Consult your doctor and make an exercise schedule and be active.

3. Add a healthy diet to your meal

Our daily intake requires additions and subtractions of few things from our diet. Follow DASH also called dietary approaches to stop hypertension. It says add fruits, low fat dairy products, vegetables and food items that are rich in whole grains to your daily meal. Fish is the best remedy. This can help you lower your blood pressure up to 14 mm Hg.

4. Avoid sodium in your diet

Limit yourself and don’t use sodium to more than 2,300 mg per day. A little reduction in sodium can reduce your pressure by 2 to 8 mg Hg.

5. Limit alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol is hazardous for health. Although drinking small amount of alcohol can lower your blood pressure by 2 to 4 mg Hg.

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