How To Impress A Girl? 7 Tricks She Falls For

Attraction towards the fairer sex is intrinsic with the male psyche. Whenever , we see any good looking girl, it is only natural to want to make acquaintance with her. God have blessed men with testosterone, which forces us to seek a partner for mating and hence perpetuating our existence on this planet. Not every girl might appeal to you; some of you might be fixated on certain physical features, whereas some might look out for girls with very good sense of humor. Just imagine, you met an amazing girl.

She is the kind of girl you dream of, and you just cannot get her out of your mind. Now, it is only natural that you would want her to start taking interest in you as well. Naturally you would make attempts to make her like you, as it is in your DNA. Well, it is not that so easy as it might seem to be. Hence, the million dollar question is how to impress a girl?

According to the experts in this field, impressing a girl has more to do with your people skills than your looks. Remember the blue litmus test that you did back in your school days? Just as blue litmus turns red when it comes in contact with acid, in the same way there are certain tried and tested tricks which you can employ to make any girl go gaga over you. Yes , this is true! But keep in mind that not every key will work for every lock, but the one’s who have a master key will know how to unlock any lock. The first step towards impressing a girl is to have the guts to approach her and strike up a conversation and make a very good first impression.

Here are some surefire ways to impress a girl:

1. Girls like Compliments

True Pheromones

Yes, this is absolutely true! Every woman craves for it, and it is bound to work with every single one of them. You can tell her how gorgeous she looks in the attire she has put on. Tell her how feminine and soothing her voice is and the way she speaks shows how cultured and witty she is.  Make her feel that that the way she comports herself is just so good, her choice of perfumes, nail polish, makes up and every aspect of her appearance is unbeatable.  Right from her hair style to her hand writing, everything   about her is superb. But, you should be careful about not overdoing it as it may backfire.

2. They seek attention

You should always give attention to a woman that is basics of courtesy.  Whenever you meet her, make sure that you acknowledge her presence and do that enthusiastically. When in a group, always address her by her name and never use, she.  Listen intently to what she has to say and do not cut her off or make any remark that could be hurtful. No woman would want you to ogle at other girls when she is sitting next to you and stop fiddling with your smart phone. Let her choose the dishes when out on a date. These will definitely make her feel valued  and important.

3. Laughter is the best medicine

If you ask anyone who claims to be a woman’s man  and dating expert, about tips to impress a girl, the first thing he will talk about is your sense of humor. This is an integral part of striking up a conversation and making new acquaintances.    Many swear by the maxim “if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do everything”.  In this post-modern age, all of us have to toil very hard to earn a living and this holds good for your ladylove as well. As we all know the best way to beat stress and drudgery of professional life in laughter. You have to make her laugh; you can crack jokes, talk about a goofy situation or even try to play Jim Carrey. This will make her seek your company and she will miss your presence.

4. You Have To Be Manly

Whenever someone talks about masculinity, most of you think about bulging muscles! However, a muscular physique forms only a part of one’s masculine side. The way you carry yourself matters more, and a lot of things comes into picture here. A man will always have his manners in place, like opening the door for her, pulling the chair and letting her pass first while coming out of an elevator. Your voice also plays a great role here, and always remembers that girls will fall for a gutsy and decent man than the one with a bad boy image.

5. She Likes Light Teasing

All girls like mild banter. That does not mean you start picking on her about everything she does ,that will only make her feel irritated.  You can indulge in friendly leg pulling. Crack jokes about her choice of food, her favorite TV shows or about any idiosyncrasy she might have.  It only breaks the ice and she also takes the freedom to tell you whatever she wants to. And that’s exactly what you want, do not you! It means that she is coming close to you and would allow you to take certain degree of liberty with her. But, make sure that you do not overdo it.

6. Assert Your Individuality

Most of you believe that, one has to always agree with the girl, one wants to impress. As if, you have to support her in every matter, lest she becomes angry on you. However, it does not have to be true all the time.  There is no reason to believe that girls are brainless and they would not realize if you are trying to curry favor. Girls like men, who have their own opinion and have the guts to assert their individuality. Even if that means disagreeing with her!   So, do not say yes to everything she proposes, have your say, be a man!

7. Take her into Confidence

Most men will tell you that never trust a woman. I do not know if that is true, but girls do not like any such statement or any person who thinks on that line.  You have to take her into confidence and share your personal matters with her, you can also ask for her suggestion about how to deal with any challenge that you are facing in your life. It will not only make her realize how much you trust her but she will share her personal matter with you also.  In doing so, she will develop an attachment with you and will always seek your presence. As a natural corollary, you will definitely be the person whom she would like to become her best friend and maybe boyfriend.