Dating and Your Health

When you first start to consider the impact that dating can have on your overall health, you might be scratching your head as you try to find the connection.  After all, the two subjects seem fairly unrelated.  Your health is affected by genetics, how you eat, the amount of sleep you get, whether or not you smoke and drink alcohol, and so on – it has nothing to do with dating, right?  Not quite.  In truth, just about any external influence could be a source of health issues, whether physical, mental, or emotional.  The air you breathe could be full of hydrocarbons that cause cancer.  The stresses of work could lead to hypertension and ulcers.  An angry encounter with your dry cleaner over the amount of starch in your shirts could give you a heart attack.  You just never know.  And dating is no exception to this rule.

But the impact of dating doesn’t have to be bad.  In fact, dating can lead to a lot of good things where your health is concerned.  Consider that you want to look your best when you are entering the dating pool.  This could mean that you start exercising and eating better in a bid to lose those unwanted pounds, trim down, and get your body looking ship-shape.  You may opt to quit smoking or cut back on drinking.  You could start paying more attention to your hygiene, as well as cleaning your house more frequently, just in case you have guests over.  And doctor and dental visits could become a priority rather than something you push off until later.  All of these changes are fantastic for your health.

In addition, dating can be fun.  Not only will you be looking and feeling better, improving your confidence; you’ll also have something exciting to look forward to.  And if things are going well, you’ll enjoy all the effects of falling in love, such as an increase in dopamine, which will make you feel fantastic.  And of course, there is the romantic side of things to consider.  Once you start an intimate relationship, you may find that you’re sleeping better, your stress has been reduced, and you simply feel happy and content, which is a pretty good place to be, health-wise.

True Pheromones

Sadly, it’s not all wine and roses.  Dating can also have a detrimental effect on your health, whether it’s going well or not.  For starters, there can be a lot of stress and pressure associated with preparing for dates, although most of it is self-imposed.  This in turn could lead to anxiety and all of its associated health issues.  And if you get rejected, you could be subject to increased stress, depression, and any number of emotional and mental health concerns.  But it could get even worse if your date goes well.  A one-night-stand could easily result in the need for pregnancy or STD testing.

So when it comes to dating, you simply have to weigh the pros and cons as it relates to your health.  The truth is that humans are social creatures, so most of us are happier being with people rather than living alone.  As long as you’re careful and you monitor your health situation, you can receive all of the benefits of dating while avoiding the drawbacks, leaving you healthy, happy, and on your way to finding a love connection.