Dating Rules for Women

It is generally said that it takes a lifetime to know a person, even that person, with whom you want to spend the beautiful moments of your life. However, the foundation of the process of understanding each other is laid by the initial moments spent with each other. This is the time when two persons of opposite personalities come together to test each other in order to find the most compatible match for each other. Thus, the dating between a man and a woman could be considered as a game, which has its own set of rules to be followed and also the results in which some win while others loose.

Tips for Women to Make the Date a Cheerful Experience

The dating is the game where set of rules for opposite players are somewhat different from each other. The date is the perfect opportunity for the women to make the opposite sex realize that he is making a perfect choice for his life. The following discussion will help all you beautiful female readers to find the ways to win the heart of your Mr. Right.

True Pheromones

The foremost effort should be made by a woman before going for a date is to work on the looks. The looks include the most prominent features like well-settled hair, well-shaped lips, expressive eyes and so on. The use of accessories like some good jewelry is sure to work for you. You are on the beneficial side because being a woman; you have so many options to impress your dating partner. You may also prefer to join some health club or fitness program to keep your body in shape. It could be a difficult task for you, but remember that every man wants his partner to look great and make a nice pair with him.

The second most significant rule is to become a secret for your man. Try to maintain the atmosphere around you that compels the man to keep guessing about the various aspects of your personality. This will keep in maintaining the interest of your partner in you. Also, try to cut short the period of dates initially, as it will enhance the drive of the man to meet you again and again.

The next thing you must ensure is that you are greeted with flowers by him. This will make the date more romantic for both the persons. Allow the man to pay for the food and cabs, as this make him feel proud of himself.

Now, let us see the most crucial aspect of the game of dating. It is not at all advisable to indulge into physical relations with the man, until you are confirmed about his nature and also the future prospects of your relationship. But, you should not be a complete turn-off for him. Make sure that you are a perfect kisser. One could practice for this in front of the mirror.

Also keep in mind that you don’t have to talk about the previous relationships you held. Moreover, don’t try to speak tones of words in the praise of your father. Also, don’t commit the mistake of saying something against his mother.

It is necessary to increase his want for you, but don’t make him wait too much for you. Plan some weekend shopping or long drive trips. If these rules are followed efficiently by a woman, they are bound to assist her to win the game, even without defeating her man in the game.