Is Deer Antler Velvet Really a Scam

Is Deer Antler Velvet Really a Scam?

There has been a lot of hype about Deer Antler Velvet lately. It is said that Deer Antler Velvet is a “breakthrough supplement for men.” Deer Antler Velvet has been featured on CNBC, as well as many other news sites claiming that it enhances men’s strength and endurance while boosting their sex drive and stamina with no change in diet or exercise. It is known as today’s wonder vitamin for men.

You are telling me I can gain muscle and stamina and improve sexual performance and desire with just one Deer Antler Velvet pill?

After hearing such bold statements like that, and seeing promotions on TV and NFL players and coaches endorsing Deer Antler Velvet I really thought that it was unbelievable. I was very skeptical as I’m sure you are too. So I decided to test it out for myself. I had been scammed by muscle building and male enhancement products before and I wanted to see if this one delivered the results. I was sick of not feeling good about myself around women!

Choosing a Product

First things first, I did a ton of research and studying about the different brands available and I found the one with the best reputation out of all the brands. The company that I went with was Deer Antler Plus.

It is crucial to find a reputable brand to buy from. There are a lot of companies and scam artists out there that will automatically charge your card unless you cancel and have virtually no return policy. Which, don’t get me wrong, isn’t a bad thing if you want the product, but you better make sure you read all of the fine print and choose a good, reputable brand like I did!

Another reason you need to choose the right brand is that a lot of the companies out there will dilute the supplement with something else, some kind of filler – like sugar, so that they will save money. You do not want to pay money for something you truly aren’t getting. Nobody likes to get ripped off and scammed. Who wants Deer Antler Velvet supplements that don’t work and who wants to pay for sugar instead of your Deer Antler Velvet? The product is just NOT GOING TO WORK! Companies that do the right thing and offer a pure, refined supplement do cost more, but it is much better to find a reputable company that provides top quality Deer Antler Velvet and costs a little more than to spend money on a scam that will not help you increase your sex drive and build muscle!

So, What Are The Results?

Deer Antler Velvet Really Works!

Without getting my hopes up about gaining strength and increasing my stamina in bed I started taking the supplement as soon as Deer Antler Velvet Plus arrived. I took the Deer Antler Velvet twice a day, once at breakfast once at dinner and I put it out of my mind. I didn’t really think about it much because I didn’t expect it to work, but two weeks later – after not being in the gym for about 3 weeks – my bench press increased by 4% and my squats by 10%! I was shocked, surprised and happy! I really couldn’t believe it. On top of that my cardio and aerobic capacity had increased as well.

The strength gain was all good but where I gained the most from my Deer Antler Velvet supplement was with the women and in the bedroom. I was more confident, I felt stronger, and in bed I lasted longer and satisfied my partner over and over again. I hadn’t had a multiple orgasm night since I was 21. She couldn’t believe it and neither could I. Before Deer Antler Velvet my sexual desire would come and go and I couldn’t be bothered. After a week or two taking Deer Antler Velvet Plus I am ready to go 4 or 5 times a day. My lady friends keep coming back for more.

“This stuff really works?” I thought. I could only imagine what I could accomplish if I stuck to an exercise regimen and continued to please my partners in the bedroom like this. This could really change my life around.

I still can’t believe it! From experience Deer Antler Velvet is not only NOT a scam, it really does live up to the expectations of it being a breakthrough in all aspects of men’s health. Note: That is not a picture of me to the right, but I  feel just as good as that!

If you are serious about changing your life, enhancing your performance in the bedroom, gaining strength and stamina and DOING IT FAST! I highly suggest using Deer Antler Velvet Plus brand to get your Deer Antler Velvet supplement, because they are the most reputable, high quality, and trustworthy companies in the industry, and because their product just works!

Because we all like saving money! If you click through the link below you will get a two month supply for FREE! You pay only the shipping and handling. You will NOT find a better deal than this for a high quality product that really works.

Deer Antler Capsules vs Deer Antler Spray

I did some research on what form of deer antler is more cost effective and provides better results, deer antler capsules or deer antler spray. I have been trying different supplements since I was in high school and I am sure some of my “older” readers can remember that awful powder for muscle growth – Hot Stuff.  Well, whether its deer antler spray or capsules, its light years better than that horrid Hot Stuff.

I checked out the deer antler spray sites first since everyone raves about how much better the deer antler spray is compared to deer antler capsules. The first thing that jumped out at me was how way overpriced deer antler spray is. Anyone can get it much cheaper in capsule form via online suppliers. I get my deer antler from Deer Antler Plus – they offer some good deals and right now have a promotion offering 2 free bottles for new customers. I trust these guys and have been using them for about a year now.
On almost every deer antler spray site I visited, I could not find an ingredient profile. The dosage of deer antler velvet was missing or if included it was ridiculously high or so low it was not worth the price tag.

Is Deer Antler Spray Worth It?

I scoured the internet – using only legitimate companies – and some of the deer antler spray products offered only 11mg for two sprays. The most potent supplements were 250mg per capsule.

A bottle contains 30 capsules which depending on your goals, means you would only need to take 1-3 capsules a day to maintain an effective supplement regiment. A deer antler spray bottle costs anywhere from $20-$100 while capsule form costs $18-$25. Clearly I would be getting more bang for my buck with the capsule.

Admittedly, the first 3-4 weeks is considered a “loading phase” and I needed to take more than 3 a day but the capsule is still the better buy in my opinion. After those first few weeks and it is time to scale down the intake, it is a no-brainer on what type of deer antler velvet to take – I definitely won’t be using the deer antler spray.

I won’t bash specific companies or suppliers of deer antler velvet spray but overall I have found that deer antler spray is junk or a flat out scam. They have extremely low doses or like I said above unbelievably high doses. I just don’t trust it.

Please be aware that Deer Antler Velvet supplementation is banned by the Olympics, and from what I have read can be discovered through the blood, but it seems the deer velvet has to be taken at a certain point to be detectable. I am not 100% sure since I have not done enough research on this.

Bottom line…Stay away from deer antler spray NOT deer antler capsules.

You will see the advertisements making insane claims at insane prices and you will be getting small doses. I am sticking with deer antler capsules and will continue my research on deer antler spray.

Velvet Antler Clinical Review

Velvet antler protects the bone structure and growing cartilage that becomes what we know as deer antlers. People throughout the world have been using velvet antler as a medicine to help with various health issues for thousands of years. It is only recently that velvet antler has become a popular supplement in the United States.

Velvet antler is used to increase strength and stamina, fortify the immune system, decrease stress, and speed up recovery from all sorts of illness. Many people have also used velvet antler at the beginning of winter to neutralize any infections they might get.

Some other uses of velvet antler involve fighting high cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, decreasing the severity of migraines, relieving muscle aches, lessening the effects of heart burn, strengthening weak bones – osteoporosis, clearing breathing pathways, treating liver and kidney functions, improving blood circulation, decreasing the pain in back and joints, revitalizing skin, and increasing red blood cell counts.

Some people use velvet antler to increase levels of estrogen and testosterone and increase sperm count, as well as an aphrodisiac.

Men use velvet antler to help any sexual performance problems such as ED (erectile dysfunction). It also has been shown to help in fertility. Women use velvet antler to replace estrogen hormones as well as a treatment for menopause problems.

In children, velvet antler is used for children who are noted as “failing to thrive” or have learning disabilities. Children are also given velvet antler to help with bone growth and issues such as rickets.

When taken as a capsule – in an herbal supplement like Deer Antler Plus – velvet antler improves athletic performance. Athletes are shown to have better eyesight and hearing as well as less stress. More importantly velvet antler speeds up muscle recovery and lessens the duration of an injury.

Velvet antler contains many natural substances including estrone and estradiol. It also helps cells grow and function more efficiently.

Velvet Antler Safety and Warnings:

It has yet to be determined what, if any, serious safety concerns exist when taking velvet antler.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: As of now, not enough data has been compiled to determine the health risks during pregnancy and breast-feeding. At this time, it would be safe to avoid the use of velvet antler when pregnant or breast-feeding.

Hormone-sensitive conditions such as certain types of cancer: It’s possible velvet antler acts as an estrogen hormone. If you may have any condition or illness that might worsen from exposure to increased estrogen, do not use velvet antler.

Appropriate Dose of Velvet Antler

Several factors come into play when deciding on the correct dosage of velvet antler: age, health, sexual activity level, and diet. Currently there is not enough scientific data to recommend proper dosages to users. It is a natural product and are generally safe but keep in mind too much of any substance can be dangerous and unhealthy. Always follow the directions on product labels and always consult your doctor or healthcare professional before using.

As with every supplement on the market velvet antler products claim a boost in health and well-being for both males and females. I know about all the claims. Are they all accurate? Every person is different, lives a different life-style, has different goals, and reacts differently to different foods and supplements. The scientific information for velvet antler is still being collected and we all are working with minimal studies. As soon as more clinical studies and scientific evidence is released about velvet antler I will let you know, right here on my site.