Is Deer Antler Velvet Really a Scam

Benefits of Deer Velvet

For thousands of years deer velvet was thought to be a form of alternative medicine and is now becoming a part of mainstream medicine. Scientists across the globe are becoming validated by new deer velvet scientific research. If the trend continues deer velvet will become as important as a daily vitamin. Here, I list some of deer velvet’s benefits.

Mental Acuity

Students in Russia participated in a study that required them to take deer velvet prior to a math test. All the students who took the deer velvet had better scores than those students who took a placebo. It was concluded that mental capacity of students who took deer velvet had improved.

Anti-Stress Effects

New Zealand doctors cited more Russian studies finding patients who took deer velvet before surgery showed less stress levels in the blood.


Although not yet conclusive, recent studies have shown that deer velvet may contain anti-aging properties. The hormonal effects of deer velvet reduced signs of senility.

Boosting the Immune System

Deer velvet increases the production of white blood cells. This process is called immunopotentiation. As a result the immune system is intensified and ready to fight off infections. A study was done in New Zealand on deer velvet extract and scientists found that if the antlers are harvested at the proper time a person would benefit from the immune stimulant activity. Even at low levels of deer velvet there are signs of immune enhancement.

Effects on the Liver and Kidney

Deer velvet increases the production of testosterone. This androgenic activity was found to affect the liver and kidney. Damaged liver tissue was able to recover quicker and more efficiently when using a deer velvet supplement. Protein and protein formation were enhanced as a result of the deer velvet enzyme activity.

Anti-Tumor – Cell Growth Stimulation – Athletic Performance 

Ag Research showed that deer velvet had improved cell growth in cartilage due to the nutrient rich supplement. Follow-up studies also showed anti-viral and anti-tumor components.

The Invermay scientists found a natural hormone called “insulin-like growth factor or IGF-1″ promoted growth in lab cells. This same group of scientists have recently shown deer velvet cells to have IGF characteristics as well. This is crucial for muscle rebuilding and growth. The use of deer velvet, with its natural source of IGF-1, can help keep the body slim and the muscles toned.

Of course, with any muscle stimulant comes controversy and scrutiny. Cell growth is very important for athletes. The less recovery time, the more an athlete can perform. Sports trainers and doctors worldwide are now studying the effects of deer velvet and looking at it as a possible replacement for steroids. It is a natural and safe alternative for muscle strength and endurance. Some New Zealand athletes tested deer velvet and found it to be a safe performance enhancer without no serious side effects. Golfers, rowers, tri-athletes, and Olympic competitors attribute part of their success to deer velvet.

Performance Enhancer

Major League baseball player Mark McGuire had taken androstenedione to enhance his and most likely prolong is baseball career. Androstenedione acts as a steroid precursor. Deer velvet may act in a manner similar to androstenedione without the negative stigma and side effects that goes along with steroids and human growth hormones. Muscle growth is faster and injury time is shorter.

Hypertension – Red Blood Cells

Japanese scientists ran a study with patients who took deer velvet and patients who did not. In all of the deer velvet patients they found a significant reduction in blood pressure. In most of the patients who took the supplement, the systolic pressure was reduced by 20-70 points while the diastolic pressure dropped 10-20 points. Overall deer velvet was 80% effective in lowering blood pressure. Additional research showed a powerful erythopoetic effect, which means more red blood cell production.

Deer velvet significantly improves the heart function, regulating heart arrhythmias and improves blood circulation.

Arthritic / Rheumatism Pain

Deer velvet assists in reducing the swelling associated with arthritis and injury. It is a natural source of glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and the reduction in pain of osteoarthritis. These substances gradually rebuild cartilage and improve joint mobility. Patients who took deer velvet reported complete recovery and pain from rheumatoid arthritis while the placebo group showed no reduction of symptoms.

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