How To Be Seductive

Let’s get this one straight.

How could we define “seductive”? Well, I like to define seductive as “Leading into a sexual state”. Whooo… Yeah… you read it well. I used the word sexual.

As a man, you clearly want to state your intent when it comes to move things forward with a woman you’re strongly attracted to.

True Pheromones

But you don’t necessarily need words.

And so at this point, I want to introduce a key concept here which I call sub-communication.

I like to contrast this concept with that of surface level communication which relies on verbal content. And, if there is something I want you to remember is that words only account for 7% of your overall communication.

With that said so what is this sub-communication thingy? Read on…

The Touch

The first key to being seductive with a woman is being physical. You want to display that being a touchy guy is part of your being. You touch everybody… in a friendly way. Only the woman you’re attracted to you’ll touch seductively when in isolation with her.Let’s say you initiate a conversation with a woman you just met. First thing you have to do is touch her right off the bat.

Why not?

Because if you wait, it will feel very weird when you touch her. And you want to escalate your touching from the first words exchanged all the way to the bedroom – or any other appropriate place.

But be warned, if you’re touching her with an uneasy mind or feeling awkward during the touch. You’ll come across as wuss and will be avoided.

The Body Language

Next, make use of seductive body language. So let me give you a few pointers about the body language and voice tone you need to use when communicating sexually with a woman.

The basics: hold yourself upright with good posture. Raise your chest, keep your shoulders back. Don’t lean toward – don’t peck – lean back. Move slowly and comfortably; walk slowly and gracefully. Picture James Bond.

The Eye contact.

Eye contact is key. You can seduce a woman solely with the use of your eyes.

Next time you go in a public gathering, look at any interaction between a man and a woman and notice how women are much more better at holding eye contact than men.

Eye contact reveals how comfortable – or how insecure – you are with yourself and many other things. Your ability to maintain eye contact demonstrates your ‘confident, masculine, sexually aware male’ status.

As an exercise, next time you have a conversation with a woman, make sure you hold eye contact until she looks away. You should do it without forcing it or staring at her. Your gaze should be relaxed and wide as if you were able to see past through her. Blink and move your eyes more slowly.

By the way, this is a great solution to the ‘I don’t know what to say’ syndrome. You’re out or words and clever things to say? Great! Your eyes can speak a thousand words especially when it comes to seduction.

I want to leave you with a great seductive technique I call ‘triangular gazing’.

What you do is that you watch into one of her eye, then shift sloooowwly to the other eye, back and forth, then at the lips, back to eyes… then… at this point I hope you know what to do.

And finally don’t forget your sense of humor in the closet. Women love it when men can be their seductive self while not taking themselves too seriously.