Get attraction to your Internet Dating Profile

Making an attractive internet dating service profile is not easy.

You have to learn how to make it attractive to attracts a lot of views from other people.

Right now I will show you some small tips.

True Pheromones

You can apply them right away to have the best internet dating profile ever!

How To get attraction to your internet dating profile


Ever notice why you stopped at some profile to read them?


Am I right?

I find internet dating profile picture most important !!

Profile picture is where suitors first come across.

If you do not have a nice picture that differentiate yourself from the rest – Next Please!


So what is a nice picture?

I would say,

A nice picture is something that catch one’s attention.

It must different from the rest of the boring guys pictures women see online everyday.

So… a few tricks would be;

Take your pictures with Bright backgrounds. (Outdoor In the morning)

With you playing with animals. (Yes! Most women likes animals.)

Pictures of you with other beautiful women in social activities. (Female friends)

Pictures of you dressing in something different.

With an interesting pose.

A different and interesting hairstyle.

They can be anything, as long as they are interesting and different from the rest (different not weird!)

And put a few pictures for women to browse, you might not look good in 1. But you might in others, so put 5 to 8 pictures is good.

In fact, your interesting internet dating profile picture might be your opener when you meet her the first time!

Online Dating Profile

Avoid negative words and attitude.

Have you ever seen some people wrote in their internet dating profiles, about them having a f-up life, having their ex girlfriend walking over them, etc?

Do you think nice women would even want to be friends with such man?

Negative energy is a big turnoff to your internet dating profile.

Be positive, energetic, and confident!

Put in what you are good at.

Something interesting you can do: I can cook, read palms, wind surf, Strip dancer etc

Some quality that are desirable : confident, charming, funny, playful etc

But never brag!!! Most women hate bragging! don’t ever try to tell people how rich you are, how nice you can be to women, how successful you are.

It’s all for them to judge, don judge your own self!

Well… there’s one kind of women you might attract – the gold diggers!

If you want to attract them and get dump after a month or 2, please brag as much as possible.

Narrow your fields.

Time is precious,

don’t waste your time on women you don’t want.

So you can also briefly list:

What type of girl you are looking for.

How would they interest you. etc

In this way you will find lesser people, but they are likely to suite you more than the rest.

Happy internet dating!